Zabby Eight Update 7/22/11

Katherine is five and five sixth.That is what she’d tell you.

Zabby and Alodda have not completely disappeared.They have spent more time together away from Katherine though. I find this very interesting!

Two days ago:


I was in the bathroom. Katherine’s voice, full of excitement, comes from outside the door.

“Grandma! You can never guess what happened!”

“Katherine, can it wait until I come out?”

{door bursts open}

“Grandma! Zabby and Alodda went to a JUSTIN BIEBER concert!”

“Really? Tell me more.”

“They sat in the front row too!”

“Wow! Was anyone else there?”

“No, just them!!!”

“A private concert? THAT’S Cool!

“They were SO excited!”

“Why didn’t they invite you?”

“They thought that I was too busy, that’s why.”

“It’s nice that they are doing fun things on their own Katherine…I thought they had left and didn’t stay in touch.”

“No, they still visit but I am busy you know.”

I guess that imaginary friends don’t just fade away. They go to public events. I think they have some impressive connections too!

Zabby Eight Update 5/25/11

Katherine is 5 and 1/2. Zabby ,Alodda and Arthur are still around her but have grown mature enough not to” butt in” very often.

After Kat registered for Kindergarten, she announced that Zabby was also registered to ride along with her.

The day after Katherine got her own ATV she was zooming around with Alodda riding on the seat behind her. She couldn’t see how an imaginary friend violated the no passenger rule. She was right. Zabby got  her own 4-wheeler and follows Katherine everywhere. (When Zabby is not at the bowling alley. She always loved bowling.)

Katherine now sports a twisted smile and a sparkle in her eye when she talks about her old friends. Soon they may be off on their own searching for another place to play…

Zabby Eight Update 2/18/11

Something very cool has happened! I was never able to actually see Katherine’s imaginary friends but now I can catch a flash of color if they are around.

I asked Katherine if she noticed a purple streak pass through the room.

” That’s Zabby all right Grandma. Watch.” Katherine turned off the kitchen light and pointed to the floor. ” See? There are her purple footprints on the floor. They glow in the dark.”

” That is so cool! Why is Zabby here today Katherine?”

” The bowling alley is closed on Wednesdays. She has the day off. Look Grandma, there’s a green streak.”

” I’ll bet that Alodda is here too! Green is her favorite color.”

Katherine turned out the light again and pointed to the floor. “Yup, you’re right Grandma. Alodda came over.”

Then I asked,” Where’s Arthur?”

“His swimming class isn’t going very well so he may come by too. Watch for a silver and gold streak and that will be Arthur.”

You can’t imagine how much fun it is watching for colors.

Meanwhile, Kat told me something else that I hadn’t considered. She said that real people read stories about imaginary people and imaginary people read stories about real ones.

I wonder if I leave a glowing color? I’ll ask the expert named Katherine and get back to you.

Zabby Eight Update 2/15/11

Zabby and friends aren’t mentioned as frequently lately. Don’t know if I’ve stopped asking about them or if they have busier lives.

According to Katherine, Zabby is back on the bowling circuit and Arthur is taking swimming lessons. Arthur’s lessons are part of his old diver training. I wonder how he passed deep-sea diver without them before?

Alodda spends most of her time with Katherine. She had the stomach bug last week. Kat came down with it yesterday. Alodda MUST have been the one who shared it with her.

When Katherine talks about her imaginary friends, it is still with the same enthusiasm. I don’t believe they are moving on just yet…

Zabby Eight Update 11/08/10

While camping together this weekend, Katherine, Grandma and Mommy cuddled in bed while listening to the crackle of the wood stove. Grandma asked Kat where her friends have been.

“Arthur is graduating from deep-sea diver school today!” Kat announced.

Grandma wanted to know more. “What will he be doing now? There is not much demand for deep-sea divers in upstate New York.”

“Arthur doesn’t tell me anything. He just does things.”

Grandma asked about Zabby. “Hey, does Zabby have any pets?”

Katherine sat straight up in bed and shuffled through a pile of invisible photographs. She pulled one out and put it right up to my nose.

“See, this is Zabby’s pet.”

“What is her pet’s name?” I asked.

“Can’t you read it? It says Ladeen right here at the bottom.”

“Oh, I can’t quite make it out without my glasses Katherine. What kind of animal is Ladeen?”

Katherine sighed and then said, “She’s a cat,of course. Zabby brings her to my house to play with my Moey.”

“Oh, Moey must love having company. ”

Kat interrupts and says, “She’s HERE! Zabby just arrived and has Ladeen in a purple pet carrier.”

“Wow, she’s quick. What does Ladeen look like?”

Kat shuffles through a few more imaginary photos and says,” See, she is white and fluffy.”

“Does Alodda have pets? ”

Katherine whips out a new photo of two large dogs that she describes as very well-trained. Kat goes on to put Ladeen, the amazing white cat, through her tricks.

Ladeen flips when asked and can lay down and stay just like a dog.

Grandma is impressed.

By the end of this show, I still wanted to know how Zabby was able to get to camp so quickly.

Katherine says Zabby always follows the speed limit. But when she needs to get there fast, she drives an ambulance just like her Dad does.

Zabby Eight Update 10/16/10

Seems Alodda has an interesting past.

While Katherine was reminiscing about their trip to the beach in Maine, she recalled a story that Alodda had told her.

“The sand is on beaches so our feet will be warm.” Kat said.

She went on:

“Alodda loves the sand. She remembers being little and she was with her parents all the time. Her mommy and daddy traveled in the desert. They studied the pyramids. Alodda lived in a pyramid once! Her parents decided that Alodda needed to go to a nice daycare and brought her all the way back to Grandma’s house. Now she comes here every day.”

Grandma is very honored to have Alodda here every day. She is well behaved. Zabby has been up to trouble though.

“Katherine, did you write on my cupboard with a green marker?” asked Grandma.

“No, that was Zabby Eight. She took it off of the table.”

“That Zabby Eight better stop being naughty. Do you know the rule, Katherine?”

“What rule? ”

“If imaginary friends are naughty their real friends get a “time out”. Grandma can’t see Zabby so you better tell her she’s going to get you into lots of trouble.”

“Really? I will talk to her.”

We are happy to report that Zabby has calmed down since then. 🙂

Zabby Eight Update 9/30/10

During Labor Day week, Zabby and Kat renewed their friendship. After getting 20 strikes in a row, Zabby found bowling boring. Katherine and Zabby hugged and said they were sorry to have drifted apart.

Zabby, Alodda and Arthur went to Old Orchard Beach on vacation with Katherine. According to Kat, they all remembered their bathing suits and found sand dollars on the beach. The car did not seem over crowded for some reason?


Zabby Eight has been up to her usual pranks.

Just yesterday, she took the last sheet of toilet paper, knocked down the baby gate and tore away some of Katherine’s play dough while Kat was using the bathroom!

She is very hard to locate due to her invisibility. Be on the look out for an imaginary girl ranging in height from 2″ to 5’9″. She often wears purple and has red curly hair. She usually hangs around with her little brother Arthur but he has gone back to deep-sea diving school. Alodda, the third member of the threesome, wears green and loves the outdoors. Alodda, has been known to avoid Zabby when she is being impish.

If anything strange and naughty happens at your house please call 555-help and Katherine will come over and bring her back.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter!