Accepting our place in the World

In order to contemplate saving the world, one must be either delusional enough to believe that they have the single correct recipe for life or well-to-do enough to have time to select causes of the most importance to survival for everyone. We all basically attempt to survive in this world. Once we meet the initial criteria for survival; food,water,shelter, and the assurance (however fragile) of those continuing comforts, humans all extend themselves and, in many cases, impose themselves on others. I doubt if the Japanese victims of the most recent of Mother Nature’s power plays have any interest in the Global Warming arguments at this moment. I fear that all mankind is “civilizing” itself into certain extinction. But then, that is only my opinion.

The great divide, in the minds of people world wide, centers on their beliefs about the place humans fill in the world. Some of us see mankind as a part of the earth and Nature and others perceive man as “above” and/ or separate from Nature and the natural laws.

Mankind, in my opinion, has an inflated idea of its importance and its ability to influence our world for good or bad. Our own arrogance just may be our ultimate undoing.

A Window in my World

Window in my World


All that I hold dear

A vision crystal clear


My mirror , yes I see,

Observing all of me


It’s where I press my face

Embrace a happy place


Of past, the sights abound

Uniquely mine, with sound


Memories make me whole

Prisms of my soul


Look out to see inside

Historic times the guide


Familiar is the pane

Dotted with some rain


The scene gets brighter still

Upon my windowsill


Your window holds each clue

There’s  only ONE  of you.