Six Sentence Story- The Sin of Broad Brushes


He’d gotten away with a bald-faced lie and Jonathan knew that was a sin, but weren’t refusing to render aid to someone ‘in need’ or failing to keep a promise also sins?

It had been a fitfully long night as Jonathan continued struggling with his own conscience until the first morning light turned the two-man tent cover from black, to pea soup green, and he hadn’t slept a ‘wink’.

Duncan moaned and smacked his lips but wasn’t awake yet and Jonathan realized he preferred that to the 8 hours of tooth grinding that he had had to endure.

The two young men had become fast friends over the last 2 months at the papermill; The same mill where Jonathan had just ruined his perfect 5-year work record with a tape-recorded “call-out” message stating that he had a ‘family emergency’- all inspired by a most desperate call from Duncan who was insisting that he’d have to leave town “Right away!”.

Duncan had jumped into the car all wild-eyed and sweaty last evening claiming that the cops were after him for an armed robbery he hadn’t committed just because he was the only black man who lived nearby the mini-mart and from all the racism horror stories that Duncan had marinated Jonathan in, as well as, the recent eye-opening workplace ‘equity training’, Jonathan’s promise to protect his new friend from the growing scourge of racism that America was “built upon”, was now dramatically playing out.

Once Duncan got up and staggered away from the tent to relieve himself, Jonathan knew time was still ‘of the essence’ and set about breaking down their hastily built, remote, campsite- that’s when he discovered the bag of wadded-up cash and the handgun…

MLMM Sunday Prompt- Poetic Justice- Obituary of the Virtuous 2021

The KICKER for this week is, I would prefer anyone who feels inspired by this prompt to write in a poetic fashion. It doesn’t have to rhyme, but there should be a tempo, pace, a personal cadence.

Here lies:
Wisdom, Excellence, and Truth

Survived by:
Subjectivity, Equity, and Nihilism

Cause of death:
Narcissism, Ignorance, and Apathy

Eulogy will be given by:
Intellectual Honesty, Freedom, and Honor, as they knew them best and will soon join them.

Make charitable donations in their memory to:
Meaningfulness, the Work Ethic, and Justice
It’s unknown how, or if, they’ll survive on their own.

Sunday Writing Prompt, June 13/2021 – Poetic Justice | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (