Random Word Story 14~Just the Facts

Random words generated at creativitygames.net

These writing exercises have been great fun for me. At first, I was using 5 random words. In order to challenge myself , I have been adding extra words. Lets try 8 random words today.


Jury box in courtroom of Hamilton County court...
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Here’s my story:

Debbie was going to be the leader. She’d never led anything and being appointed as the jury foreperson was very intimidating.

At breakfast that morning, she’d considered that her day off would be a quick release from court and an afternoon of shopping.  She had always gotten out of jury duty early before. Why would she consider a different scenario? Ah, but the day was still young and she was now wearing a crown of responsibility she had never imagined.

After being seated in the courtroom, her knees began to jiggle and jump. Could this be a caffeine induced jitter from 3 cups of coffee or nerves?  Debbie HAD considered taking an Ativan but was afraid it would make her sleepy. Horrifying images of falling asleep in the jury box had helped her decide against it.

The case they were about to hear was high profile. A nanny was accused of the murder of one of her charges.

The defendant sat red-eyed and trembling at the table before her.

She didn’t look like a monster at all. Debbie’s instinct was to console her until she caught sight of the parents of the child, huddling tightly, with equally red eyes. It occurred to her then, that her day was not tough at all. Those poor folks were living a nightmare.

The defense lawyer began laying the foundation of his case with his opening statement. God, what a leech. Debbie could tell right away he didn’t really care…didn’t really feel anything. His matter-of-fact speech which amounted to the t-shirt slogan “Shit Happens”, really put her off.

How was she going to be the carriage of justice with so many feelings attempting to rule the day? Nausea was beginning to take over.

Suddenly, she felt outside of herself. An awful truth came to her. Justice, HA!  There was not going to be anything swift and final in this courtroom. Justice was only a word. She was only, one, fallible human being with feelings.

When Jack Webb used to say,”Just the facts, Mame.”  He didn’t know what he was talking about!