Weekend Writing Prompt #283- Sharing a Bond

Granddad took me along fishing lots,
I loved that time we shared.
So, whether we caught any fish at all
Was not something I ever cared.

He taught me which were perfect lures,
And laughed when I got snagged.
I’ll never forget his prideful face
When he showed off the lunker I bagged.

Now I take my grandkids there
To “dunk a worm” and share a bond.
Making memories like my own,
With Gramps down by the pond.



Sammi’s Weekender #281- Her Biggest and Wisest Fan

Cally uncontrollably fidgeted in her seat next to Great-Grandmama while waiting her turn at the Annual Public Speaking Contest for Middle Schoolers. Great-Grandmama-her biggest fan-had helped her practice and prepare for weeks.
Out-of-nowhere an ancient arm tenderly settled around her shoulders and the matriarch whispered into her ear, ” You’re letting those collywobbles take you over. Turn those little devils in your tummy into “Callywobbles” and own those suckers!”