Weekly Writing Prompt #303-We Are Byzantine*: a triolet.

We Are Byzantine*

In a predictable cycle of desperately tragic human affairs
But to ask we reexamine history would be most wise.
Modern comforts, and widespread ignorance, lessen ‘who cares’.
In a predictable cycle of desperately tragic human affairs.
Long known evidence of perils ancient text often shares.
So, to avoid imminent collapse will take sober enterprise.
In a predictable cycle of desperately tragic human affairs
But to ask we reexamine history would be most wise.


*Which events led to the weakening of the Byzantine Empire?

  • Civil wars.
  • Fall of the theme system.
  • Increasing reliance on mercenaries.
  • Loss of control over revenue.
  • The failed Union of the Churches.
  • Crusaders.
  • Rise of the Seljuks and Ottomans.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote a piece I read this morning on the similar circumstances the U.S. has with the former Byzantine Empire. It inspired my triolet. You can read the interesting and informative article here: https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/victor-davis-hanson-are-we-the-byzantines/ar-AA18GgdQ


Weekend Writing Prompt #301- When We Soar

Tarzan, I tried and Cas on Pinterest

Treetops together form a canopy.
What a perfectly beautiful place to be.
Oh, views from there, will set you free!

TV’s Tarzan swung on vines in mid-air.
A treetop, monkey business, and daring, affair.
Kids, like me, dreamt of living up there.

Imagination empowers us ready to soar.
Treetops can definitely be reached and MORE!
Next step, “Where no one has gone before”.



Weekend Writing Prompt #295- Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity

Helen began her evenings, since she started her first week as a kindergarten teacher, with a glass of wine.
Her degree hadn’t prepared her for constant chatter and the “Why? question” hundreds of times a day!

By the next Monday, she worried why Lydia (the one student who sat quietly observing) hadn’t join the chaos. Helen became concerned about identifying a ‘learning disability’ frequently described by professors, so she decided to investigate.

“Lydia, why don’t you ask questions?”

“I didn’t want you to think of me as loquacious.”


Weekend Writing Prompt #290- Fun at the Company Christmas Party

Fun at the Company Christmas Party

She’d struggle to bring up topics that weren’t deemed ‘political’.
The weather leads to Climate Change.
Shopping leads to Inflation.
Ask about how the kids like school and CRT and Common Core are there.
Don’t dare to sneeze or you’ll get Covid glares.
Even asking if the new grandbaby is a boy or girl, is a quagmire!
Perpetual politics were the tragic “New Normal”.
Silence wasn’t her style, so she bought, and beautifully wrapped, a pocket U.S. Constitution for everyone.
Now for some fun!



Weekend Writing Prompt #283- Sharing a Bond

Granddad took me along fishing lots,
I loved that time we shared.
So, whether we caught any fish at all
Was not something I ever cared.

He taught me which were perfect lures,
And laughed when I got snagged.
I’ll never forget his prideful face
When he showed off the lunker I bagged.

Now I take my grandkids there
To “dunk a worm” and share a bond.
Making memories like my own,
With Gramps down by the pond.