Six Sentence Story- video- Justice Denied

OOPS_ I grabbed an old prompt. Oh well, this is my story.

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I’d never been cross-ways to the law that’s why my concealed carry pistol permit processed easily and without delay.
It was the Fourth of July, so I dressed for my trip in an American flag t-shirt and my Make America Great Again baseball cap.
I was half way to the fairground celebration when steam started flooding from the hood on the highway so I took the first exit to find a garage ending up in downtown Seattle before I could find one that was open on the holiday.
Relieved, and since I’d never been there, I set out on foot to tour the city, while my car was being serviced, when out of nowhere, a gang of young men surrounded me and threatened to kill me because of my race and attire!
In a blur, one of them lay dead at my feet with a knife still folded in his fist, but thankfully, I noticed two security cameras nearby that would corroborate my clear self-defense case for the police.
After questioning, and a hospital visit to treat my abrasions, (and the severe anxiety of the event), I was arrested – no video would ever be produced in my murder defense because the DA claimed there were multiple ‘technical difficulties’.


The link above is to a short video that I made several years ago. It is about these amazing frogs. I’m sure that I’ve posted it before in my blogging adventures but thought I’d like to add it to my new NATURE KNOWLEDGE series.

Wood Frogs are being studied for their amazing ability to keep from freezing solid while buried only inches beneath leaves and woodland debris. They spend most of their time on the forest floor but this time of year, sing into the night while gathering to lay eggs in vernal pools and ponds.  Once you’ve heard their serenade, it is hard to ever consider not noticing them before!

The act of reproduction is called amplexus. Males cling to females while waiting for her to deposit eggs which they then fertilize with a cloud of sperm right after she deposits them. (On rare occasions, the number of males clinging to one female can weigh her down to the point of drowning her!)

Spotted salamanders lay their eggs during the same time period. In the case of spotted salamanders, the males leave sperm on the pond/pool floor. The female scoops up the sperm, beneath her tail, and her eggs are fertilized internally.

Often, the wood frog offspring and salamander offspring compete and eat each other in their journey to mature.

There are always dramas for survival taking place in nature, especially in the Spring.