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Vacation Time

It’s vacation time again! Unlike Christmas, it is a really unencumbered time of year. Since I am only taking one full week, I am afraid that I’ll expect to much.

Seems I often am torn between accomplishing goals and resting. If all my goals were wrapped up with resting, I’d have it made!

I’m taking my camera, a good book, and no other particular expectations.

What makes a great vacation is a personal thing. To me, not having to cook meals is a must. I’ll be stocking up on cold meat and “make it your own self” options. It is a marvel how I have become overweight. There are many things that I prefer doing over eating. Rarely do I plan the day around mealtime. Poor choices and the lack of portion control are probably the answer.

At the risk of scaring my current day care parents, I am more than ready for a career change. Don’t worry friends, it ain’t likely to happen unless a magazine discovers my photos or blog and offers me a lucrative  contract. I’ve given up on winning the lottery. I rarely play. My husband needs to be convinced that changing direction, like having children, never takes place while expecting to be able to afford it.

So, vacation is the “me” time in my world. Maybe I’ll write my fingers to the bone and make this coming week a query into my future. Maybe I’ll rest my body from the day care elbows and knees… Maybe I’ll run away and join the circus…

Let’s just see what happens 🙂

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The Vacation Argument # 22 …same as ALL the others.

“Did you remember to…?”

“Yes,you know I always do.”

“Got my razor?”


“I have the kids’ clothes, floaty toys, blankets,treats,medicine, and 2 pairs of shoes each.”

“Did you really have to bring so much stuff?”

“You’ll be glad I have “stuff” when we need “stuff”.

“Lock the door?”

“Uh huh.”

“Did you pay the gas bill?”


“Call my mother?”

“I talked to her yesterday.She knows… My what a beautiful morning! I love leaving on vacation at the crack of dawn. Look at that beautiful sky! Ah, this vacation is going to be just what I need.”

“I was thinking, if we don’t spend all of our vacation money we can start Christmas shopping when we get back.”

“LISTEN TO ME! IT IS JULY. I will think about Christmas in September!”

“Gee you are grouchy this morning.”

“I know, I’m such a buzz kill aren’t I?”

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