Zabby Eight Update 2/18/11

Something very cool has happened! I was never able to actually see Katherine’s imaginary friends but now I can catch a flash of color if they are around.

I asked Katherine if she noticed a purple streak pass through the room.

” That’s Zabby all right Grandma. Watch.” Katherine turned off the kitchen light and pointed to the floor. ” See? There are her purple footprints on the floor. They glow in the dark.”

” That is so cool! Why is Zabby here today Katherine?”

” The bowling alley is closed on Wednesdays. She has the day off. Look Grandma, there’s a green streak.”

” I’ll bet that Alodda is here too! Green is her favorite color.”

Katherine turned out the light again and pointed to the floor. “Yup, you’re right Grandma. Alodda came over.”

Then I asked,” Where’s Arthur?”

“His swimming class isn’t going very well so he may come by too. Watch for a silver and gold streak and that will be Arthur.”

You can’t imagine how much fun it is watching for colors.

Meanwhile, Kat told me something else that I hadn’t considered. She said that real people read stories about imaginary people and imaginary people read stories about real ones.

I wonder if I leave a glowing color? I’ll ask the expert named Katherine and get back to you.

Zabby Eight Update 12/10/10

I had the pleasure of talking with Alodda on the play phone yesterday. As soon as we finished talking, Alodda arrived at my house.

Kat explained how she’s able to get around so quickly.

“Alodda got fast shoes at K-Mart Layaway.”

“Katherine, that’s amazing. How much do they cost?”

“One pair are two dollars, two pairs are one dollar and you can buy a dozen pairs for fifty-five cents.”

“That’s the best bulk item deal that I ever heard about!”

“I’m giving everyone a pair of fast shoes for Christmas.” Then she demonstrated how well they worked 🙂

A little later…Kat was arguing with her cousin. She told Maddie that she was talking to Santa on the play phone. Maddie really screamed to get a chance to talk. Kat was enjoying the power and with an evil smile held on to the phone. I asked her to share with Maddie and why was it taking so long?

“Grandma, please, these things take time.” She took a deep breath prolonging Maddie’s distress and said, “Everyone knows that you need air in your belly to talk. I’m ready now. Here you go Maddie.”

What a stinker!

Zabby Eight Update 10/16/10

Seems Alodda has an interesting past.

While Katherine was reminiscing about their trip to the beach in Maine, she recalled a story that Alodda had told her.

“The sand is on beaches so our feet will be warm.” Kat said.

She went on:

“Alodda loves the sand. She remembers being little and she was with her parents all the time. Her mommy and daddy traveled in the desert. They studied the pyramids. Alodda lived in a pyramid once! Her parents decided that Alodda needed to go to a nice daycare and brought her all the way back to Grandma’s house. Now she comes here every day.”

Grandma is very honored to have Alodda here every day. She is well behaved. Zabby has been up to trouble though.

“Katherine, did you write on my cupboard with a green marker?” asked Grandma.

“No, that was Zabby Eight. She took it off of the table.”

“That Zabby Eight better stop being naughty. Do you know the rule, Katherine?”

“What rule? ”

“If imaginary friends are naughty their real friends get a “time out”. Grandma can’t see Zabby so you better tell her she’s going to get you into lots of trouble.”

“Really? I will talk to her.”

We are happy to report that Zabby has calmed down since then. 🙂

Zabby Eight Update 7/21/10

Katherine just returned from a weekend at her Papa’s campground.

Seems she had a great time and spent most of it in the pool.

“Did you wear your life-jacket Katherine?”

“Yes, but I took it off and swam to Mommy a few times!”

“Hurray! Was Zabby there?”

“Yes, she didn’t need a life-preserver though. Imaginary friends can just walk in pools. Their legs stretch out when the water gets deeper.”

“What happens when she leaves the pool?”

“Her legs snap all the way back.”

“Did Alodda go swimming?”

“I don’t know, she stayed with you.”

“So, that is why my bed felt crowded last weekend?”

Soon after that discussion, Kat asked me to take her to the bathroom.

“I’m still afraid of spiders!’, she said.

This arachnophobia is trying my patience.

“Katherine, take Zabby Eight with you. I heard that she can scare spiders away. She’s very good at it too.”

“Grandma…she is NOT a professional!”

Yikes! I was out smarted again…change the subject…

“So,where has Arthur Eight been?”

“He’s STILL at school.”

“I hope he’s studying to become a professional Spider Tamer.”