Simply Six Minutes Challenge- 11/08/22- Together We Sing

Whew… this challenge asks us to write something, using the photo for inspiration, in only six minutes! (Give or take a tiny smidgen of time for edits.)

Once upon a time, in the land of Ney, a new invention ruined everyone’s day.
It was a box that broadcasted ‘what abouts?” filling the natives with suspicions and doubts.
It told them their color was their crowning glory and for everything else they ought to be sorry.
The black, the white, Pinto, and brown decided, right then, to adjust their own sound.
So, with notes all different, their lyrics lost rhyme and with all diverse beats and measures not one could keep time.
Oh, those differences lacked an orchestral blend, so the citizens cried for the commotion to end!
Two brave horsey guys, before too long, came together on one common song.
Together they made such a sweet melody, the equine society tossed out every TV.
Today on that planet those horseheads remain, happily singing one united refrain.

Mixed Messages and Outrage

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The din of cable TV news is playing in the background. Covid-19 is almost universally the topic. What chosen scientists say… what the CDC says… what the government says… what the Chinese report… what doctors on the ‘front lines’ have learned… what elite, self important, people advise… yadda, yadda, yadda.
Do any of them agree on anything? Not from what I hear.
Do any of them have the same understanding? No two reports are similar.
Do all or any of them have public health and safety their common PRIMARY concern? I can’t even tell.
In between, what are called ‘news reports’, there are TV ‘talking heads’ who propose that THEY have the ‘facts’ and know what everyone should do, and precisely who is to blame, for a public non-unified acceptance of (constantly changing) guidelines. These people aren’t helping a thing with their indignant (IMO pretend) outrage.
We aren’t allowed to question or seek diverse expert level opinions?
Big Tech fact checkers (Likely groups with no medical training and under 35 years old.) want us to believe them implicitly?
Political sheep expect us to cower and bend to their opinions on the ‘opinions’ they LIKE just because they claim an imaginary moral high ground? (Um… go jump in a lake you guys.)
This is madness.
All I can say is do your best to protect your families, keep your ears and eyes open for ‘truth’, and ultimately, trust your instincts.
Unified transparent leadership, willing to say that they’re ‘not sure’, isn’t available so we’re on our own folks.
God Bless.


“To everything in life there must be a balance.”

I’m sure that everyone has heard that, in one form or another. I’ve also realized that if one listens to sad music too long, they get sadder. Even too much happy “Barney the Purple Dinosaur” music can keep us from considering the real ugly things that do exist. So with this in mind, I propose a Nothing But Good News channel. The NBGN would be a way to get away from what’s wrong with the world and a chance to rediscover what is right, kind and exceptional about humankind.

We should not replace the evening news BUT a little balance would be good for our spirits. I think the single biggest problem today is the feeling of doom and hopelessness. There are so very many great things going on. Our kids are not ALL spoiled, our country is not SO divided that we cannot come together and our hearts are not THAT bitter when we realize how generous we can be with our neighbors in need.

The advertising on that channel would prohibit:

  • Lawyers looking for lawsuits.
  • Doctors offering plastic surgery solutions and anti-aging products.
  • Any messages from specific religious or political groups.

The programming would have an interest in the positive natural human condition, how we are all alike, and anything that concerns family togetherness, healthy choices,  and sharing. Pointing out our differences would be positive and informative.

“All I needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten.”  Such a poignant statement.

Wouldn’t it be grand for kids to see more examples of our goodness, as a balance to , what frightens and angers us?  I know they are watching and listening.  Makes me cringe when I consider the kind of messages they must be receiving from the News channels alone.   It’s gotta be pretty scary for kids these days.  Hope we can find many ways to add more optimism to their view of the future world. I think a Good News channel would be a fine start.

If I Had My Own TV Show

My life could be a funny subject!

Gate Keeper at the Day Care

It would be a situation comedy about a family day care provider and her precocious crew. There would never be a dull moment since kids are comedians by nature. I’ve done day care for so long, I would be my own best creative consultant. The actual kids on the show would not be stars, just ordinary kids.

There would be few lines to memorize because we would introduce amusing situations and let the kids react naturally!

I believe the show’s title would be,”You can Go Home Now!”

The frazzled lead character (a day care provider) would be pining to retire but cannot afford to. Through the years, she has developed odd but effective ways to deal with kids and their parents too. I might cast Whoopie Goldberg for the lead.

The politically correct, intellectual, first-time parents of her charges would provide many funny subjects which would go to show us all that kids have always been the same. It’s the parents who need help!

Powered by Plinky

Kid Power

It’s probably going to “age” me but I often think about the TV series Punky Brewster. This was a popular TV  show when my kids were little.

I don’t recall any one episode…wait…the one where Henry tries to get a loan for a photo studio but has no credit because he always paid in cash, was good.

Back to the point, Punky always believed in herself and her motto was,”Punky POWER!” . That made one big impression on me. I loved that message, especially for girls who are so often too critical of themselves.

To this day, I tell all my day care kids that they have (insert name) POWER! That it is the single most important and strongest power in the world.

I listened to my inner voice and made good choices as a kid. (Thanks Mom)

Remember to praise kids (even at the market or on the street) for making good choices. They need to know that they hold all the power!


Animals in Cinema

Good boy!

So I was watching a Western movie last night. It is a genre that I really enjoy. Those cowboys were my heroes when I was a kid.

The chase scenes in westerns are exciting. It was a very long time before I realized that movie horses were bullet proof. Yup, they are easily three times a bigger target than a man and rarely do they get shot.

The bullets were a blarin’ , the riders were a bouncin’ up and down and the horses never got a scrape! Gosh, they must be bullet proof. When you think about it, many horses must have been injured or killed if those chase scenes were ,at all, accurate in real life. A true “bad guy” (the guys who wore black hats, except for Hopalong Cassidy and Adam Cartwright.) would take the option of shooting a large target like a horse. PETA was nowhere to be seen in them days.

I have fun watching actors change horses in mid scene. Silverado was a fun western to notice this about. At one angle, the hero is racing up a hill on a black horse and as he rides down the other side…presto, it’s a brown horse with a white stripe on its face. Amazing!

Guess you know what interested me most while I watched?

The old Roman movies were also cool and, the horses were spear proof even then. My favorite game was to watch the horses. When the impaled men fell from these magnificent beasts, I’d decide which animal that I’d jump onto and ride off with, if given the chance.

Even TV westerns were full of horsey stunt doubles. I got so used to watching these horses that I’d notice them in every western of the time period. Especially, Nick Barkley’s horse Cocoa. That horse had a brown mane and black body with a very unique blaze of white on his face. He made appearances in John Wayne movies too.

Luckily Lassie had long hair. She was always portrayed by a male dog. I was on Grandpa’s farm enough to know the difference. They couldn’t fool me.

Did you know that Moose, (of Fraiser fame known as Eddie),had his son take over his role? As Moose got older, Enzo took his place. Heck,I knew Eddie was different!

In closing, I must get a really big irritation off of my chest.

Have you ever watched the cartoon called Back in the Barnyard? All of the cattle have udders! Most of the cattle are males.

If cartoons decide to be anatomically specific, get it right, will ya! Poor kids are confused enough about nature these days…