Sunday Poser #101- Titles- Cherry on Top

Thank-you to Sadje for this question.

My post titles are extremely important to me. They can encapsulate the essence of the post itself or mislead the reader a bit in order to surprise him. Each kind are tone setters and hopefully ‘hooks’ to entice people to read more. Titles are no different from headlines in that respect.
The title is sometimes the ‘cherry on top’ of a post I’m especially proud of so to figure out a clever little play on words or to use a powerful statement from the post itself are each possible. I rarely create a title until very last. It would be like naming a puppy I hadn’t met yet to do so.

“Experts” are Overrated.

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There are certain titles either given, or self-appointed, that assault my sensibilities.
For the record, no human being knows everything. Even the ones who have access to expansive amounts of information, have varying degrees of ‘good character’ and intelligence. We know for a fact that doctors can know their science, but many have lousy bedside manners. You want a skilled surgeon on your case but you can still think they don’t ‘measure up’ as doctors because great doctors have great medical skills and excellent “people skills”. Teachers are the same. They can have a large resume’ of all the child psychology courses, the teacher conferences, many degrees, and the newest technology tools, but if they can’t relate to kids, their credentials don’t mean much.
‘The proof is in the pudding’ is an appropriate axiom. Those receiving the products, or services, are the actual judges, so why is so much emphasis put on listening [ in a religious manner] to so called “experts”? There are a number of irritating (ignorant) people these days who won’t allow you to question any ‘expert’ unless your credentials are greater.
Do I need to own a restaurant to recognize one I wouldn’t eat at, Karen?
Do I have to be an elephant in Africa before I voice an intelligent opinion on poaching?
As a woman, do I absolutely have to embrace anything Hillary Clinton says is ‘womanly’ because she ‘speaks for me’? Heck NO.

The term “expert” has no universal meaning. It’s just a title arbitrarily assigned to people, primarily those who have degrees. Yep… impressed I’m not, by credentials, and there are many topics that no one can legitimately claim expertise on.
CNN throws the ‘expert’ label around a lot. I guess they believe most people snap to attention when they hear it. Their panels are always called political ‘experts’. Most have never held office, run a successful campaign, or even guessed correct former political outcomes. What is their expertise? Must be that they like to talk about politics.
Heck… I talk about politics often. I must be an EXPERT. 😀

I think many women of my grandmothers’ generation were experts at throwing together hearty meals on sparse groceries. Their expertise was gained by doing. In fact, most people who are ‘experts’ are older than 40 because, it’s not the ‘study of’ but the ‘doing of’ that creates expertise. So show me what you can do and convince me that you know what you’re talking about, not your paperwork, please. Your title isn’t enough.

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Making Better Choices ?

sheepskin finally arrived
sheepskin finally arrived (Photo credit: G A R N E T)

There is an under tapped resource in our country. Hundreds of thousands of people are never considered for jobs due to the fact that they have no college degree.

Just because someone didn’t have the interest or funds for a college education, should not eliminate them automatically from high paying and creative job positions. Creative minds are often born in the world of society’s “underachievers”. After all, these folks have followed their own paths which, seems to me, one fine first creative step.

When will our country separate the concept of intelligence from that of formal education? They are not at all one in the same. There is a discrimination at a grand scale going on. Our country’s future, as an innovative force in the world, is falling victim to an over played devotion to titles and credentials.

It’s time that those doing the hiring do their job and LOOK for talent rather than expecting to find it in a file.

Koontz…Old Reliable

My Favorite.

For the record,the most reliable author for a fun read is Dean Koontz. 🙂

Every time I start a Koontz novel, it feels as if a hand reaches out and grabs me!

I find his stories thrilling and thought-provoking and just plain fun. Several times, I have laughed right out loud then had goosebumps within a few pages. As often as he may be described as a Stephen King type, I’ll tell you that he’s better. Mr. Koontz does not arbitrarily place words or scenes for an R-rating, as I suspect King does.

A few of my favorites, so far, are:

Life Expectancy

The Taking




From the Corner of  His Eye


There are so very many titles,  you certainly can browse and find something to enjoy. Dean Koontz is like an old friend~ reliable and never a disappointment. This author knows how to end a story so that the reader is satisfied.

Sometimes you just want to read something that you know you’ll enjoy.