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SoCS 5-13-23 Judge for Yourself

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with over.” Find a word that starts with “over” and use it for your prompt. Enjoy!

The use of ‘over‘ as a prefix is another way that human beings feel the need to stick their noses into everyone’s business. It’s more often used as a redundant emphasizer or modifier that means nothing more than someone’s behavior is “too much”. ( Bossy ain’t it?)
It’s a way of being overbearing on the oversensitive or the overachieving to infer they’re outside of an acceptable boundary. (Who made that boundary? How dare they!)
I can make that observation and I’m sure I’ll be as guilty as anyone of still using “over” but the use of it (in most cases) is clearly judgmental.
Using ‘over‘ as a prefix is ‘overdone’ IMHO. 😂
When you think about these terms that we often use just remove the ‘over‘ and you find something that you need not have even brought up.

Overthinking… He’s thinking alright. Hope he doesn’t go overboard.
Overcompensating…Yep, way to compensate fella.
Overstated… How might she state it in fewer words?
Overtired… Tired isn’t bad enough?
Overused… I used it once already. Not again?

By adding ‘over‘ the person is obviously making a judgement on something. Take the prefix away, and you wouldn’t need to mention those obvious things. I’ve been overtly sarcastic and had my ‘tongue in my cheek’ the whole time in this stream of consciousness. I hope my thoughts don’t seem overblown or overcritical or overly serious, because I’m just playing with you. LOL
~Made you think though.~

Happy Saturday Friends. Over-and-out.

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Sunday Dawdler 4/23/23- What’s in a Blog

Rory has some excellent questions (He usually does.) today.

Do you think it helps or hinders a writer from having a big ego?

This question especially intrigues me. I’m not sure what a big ego is. It often is a derogatory term meaning someone is a “blow hard” or “full of himself”. It’s also often a label others use to describe someone, not one that people often use to describe themselves.
Most often people accused of having big egos are mislabeled, IMHO. As secretly those doing the labeling often confess their own lack of confidence while making fun of someone who projects confidence. The most debilitating trait for writers (and artists) is self-doubt. The thing is … self-doubt isn’t visible. There are far fewer arrows flung at that. In sports, you may hear a heckler shout, “He choked!” but other than that, it’s a secret.
Confidence is a positive trait. It’s the “Can Do” plan. People who exude confidence are never perfect nor flawless but their quick rebounds from defeat are clear. When I hear someone labeling someone else as having a “big ego” my own instinct is to feel that that reaction comes from a place of envy. We all know when we’re pleased with ourselves, and showing it openly is not a crime according to my sensibilities.

How often do you read your blog content from an outsider’s perspective?

I write my posts fully conscious of how they may be perceived.

I view my blog as an allotment garden. How do you view yours?

It’s a journal of my thoughts and feelings through stories, poems, and essays for anyone who finds it interesting or thought provoking. My granddaughters are hopefully my biggest future audience.

What’s the first book you ever remember reading way back when?

The first one that grabbed me was Rudyard Kipling’s- The Jungle Books. I remember reading it more than once as a young teen. I’m now inspired to read it again at age 67. Thanks for the question! I hadn’t thought of doing that before.

Were you ever read to as a child, and by whom?

Oh yes! My mother read to us all the time. Even on family car trips, she’d have a few library books along for the ride. Two titles that I’ve never forgotten are Copper-toed Boots and The Poppy Seed Cakes. I don’t recall a lot about the stories themselves, though. Thanks again. I’ll have to revisit those stories!

What are the most significant barriers to your creativity?

I’d say many other demands on my time from life, but it occurs to me that I spend a lot of time being creative just the same. Gardening, cooking, organizing (not often done), and even mowing the lawn gives me opportunities to be creative.

Do you think blogging is essential, and if you do, why?

It’s great fun and satisfying but I wouldn’t call it essential.

There are many benefits to blogging; however, what are the three top downsides of blogging, in your opinion?

1. It takes time away from other tasks/projects.
2. It tries to create a scheduling aspect if you get into using prompts. (I don’t allow for that though. Once it starts calling upon me in any demanding sequence, I balk.)
3. Sometimes, it makes me feel just a little too exposed to the world.

I realized that I missed a question yesterday.
Where do you like to read? At home on the couch? Whilst travelling? In bed? Where?

Anywhere. I have no routine except when I’m at our camp then I have a tendency to use a comfy chair in the shade.

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Quadrille Monday-While Truth Whispers

Shift is the word to fit into your quadrille this week.

Viewpoints rival.
Thoughts building steam,
Roaring toward enlightenment.

One question
Birthing many more,
Intertwining and bursting,
Loud intellectual pursuits take shape.

Our symphony of lore.
Enigmas gasping for viability.
A universe of endless possibilities
Sweeps forward a cacophony of distractions

…while Truth whispers.


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Unanswered Question: Can’t we all admit that we’re silly?

I’ve had an ‘aftertaste’ that my recent posts were too repetitively ‘salty’. We all know too much of anything isn’t good for anyone. So, I decided to poke fun at myself and anyone else who may want to identify.

Gosh… there’s so much material.
My current most frequent ‘silly’ behavior is attempting to exit my car before I release the seatbelt. The gathering of my pocketbook, phone, and car keys, keeps jumping ahead of the basics. Every time I get that tug of “wait a minute pal” I start giggling. Then I spastically twist around trying not to put my ‘load’ down while gaining my freedom. In my head, that scene is hilarious.
Something I also do and immediately think, “DUH!” is stop at a railroad crossing with a single track, watch a train pass left to right, then proceed when the gates lift and look both ways before crossing. Um… a train could absolutely not be traveling right to left at that moment, silly.
How often we operate on what I call “autopilot” is something I find simultaneously frightening and comforting.
On occasion, I’ll drive a few miles (while in thought) and realize I have no visible memory of that part of my journey! My first instinct is to pull my truck over and slap myself. (I’ve yet to act on that one. lol) But not being fully aware of one’s surroundings is NOT a safe way to drive. It’s a “wake up” call when that happens.
Before you beautiful souls take up a collection for my incessant ‘thinking’ and do an intervention with “Overthinkers Anonymous”, I want you to know that my days hold a large amount of giggling precisely because of my affliction. It’s not all about “What ifs?”, it often times is “Look at that!” and takes on a humorous flavor actually more often than not. {I am a ‘silly frog’ don’t cha know.}

My granddaughter felt ill the other day and as she rushed to the bathroom to vomit, let’s say she ‘didn’t make it’. Knowing that ‘being sick’ is bad enough but being ill all over the back door is worse, I asked her what she’d had for lunch.
“Only a few blueberries and raspberries.” she gasped.
My answer was, “Wow! That’s what made this so colorful!”
Then we laughed together.

Yesterday, my mom sent me a photo of a quiche she had made labeled “Quiche Lorraine”. I responded with, “How were you able to tell it was a girl?”

You see? I’m able to annoy people with all kinds of questions and they don’t need to be the serious kind either.

Today, I would like to ask, “Can’t we all admit we’re silly?”
Incidentally, I don’t mind being ‘laughed at’. No one could do that more than I tend to do it to myself!

God bless.

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Morning Dawdler 2/26/23 Know Yourself

Let’s see where the questions take us today.

Which behavioural trait describes you more – introvert, ambivert or extrovert?

How I describe myself is quite different from how others might describe me. I find that curious in itself. If you’re lucky enough to have a large dose of introspection, then IMHO you probably know yourself pretty well.
I have never heard of ‘ambivert’. Is that new? Sounds like one of those ‘I can’t decide’ places that seem to rule our conversations today. “Fence sitters” are IMHO just ‘hecklers’ in a world of people who dare to take a position on anything. I hope you know that “taking a position” isn’t a ‘forever’ deal. You can move when more information becomes available. But it certainly is a ‘boots on the ground’ thoughtful experience. To me, those who don’t want to ‘take a position’ are subliminally projecting that they really don’t want to examine that idea in any detail.
I believe that I am an “introvert”. My ‘happy place’ is exploring my own mind and experiences. I’m a wreck if I don’t get enough ‘alone time’. I seem to require more solitude than the people who I know personally. [I chose a ‘stay at home’ career. I think that speaks volumes.]
But I am outspoken and gregarious when around groups of people or blogging. How can I really be an introvert? Well, I believe that someone who feels that they know themselves, and their own intentions, tends to feel more comfortable in their ‘own skin‘. That can be either an ‘off-putting’ or a very ‘charming’ trait in mixed company. It is the epitome of self-confidence to feel comfortable with yourself which seems contrary to the ‘mousey’ loner stereotype usually attributed to being an ‘introvert’.

How often do you clear out free space on your phone, and how often does your storage space fill up? Also, how many apps do you have that you use daily?

I only have a few apps that I use daily. I don’t care to count them. Why would that be important?
As for keeping my phone organized and storage space open, I’m a highly functioning ‘clutter bug’ in all parts of my day. LOL
Procrastination looms large in my life. It works out for me too many times.
After describing myself as someone who spends a lot of time thinking, I hope you can see how the clutter completes and even augments that place. 😉

Are you easily annoyed, and your temper continually snaps? If so, what irks you the most, or are you the calm one who only blows occasionally?

Beware of those calm ones! If they blow, it’s going to be BIG! LOL
I’m not inhuman. I probably feel waves of frustration and irritation as often as ‘hot heads’. What’s different with me (and keeping with a developing theme) is that I choose not to ‘give in’ to those feelings. I think losing one’s cool often makes a person appear immature and unhinged. As someone who wants to learn and think more than argue, exhibiting those traits would be conversation enders and therefore a real bummer. But like they say, “everyone has a price”, there are moments when I choose to ‘show ‘ my anger. You can bet that I have thought about, and can list, MY reasons for doing that too! LOL

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Earthly Comforts Questions 2-5-23 The Art of Communicating

Rory has asked us 4 new questions. Let’s see where they take us.

Have you learned anything new about your personality that you didn’t know beforehand whilst on your blogging journey?

I’m quite familiar with my personality. I’ve had it all my life.
What I have learned from blogging is a better, more artful, way to communicate.

Some examples are:

Don’t use exclamation points unless you’re expressing excitement. Even then, keep the volume down. Exclamation points, when discussing emotionally charged topics make the reader feel as though you’re ‘hollering’ at them. At the very least, exclamation point use suggests you’re ‘losing your cool’.

When discussing any topic, it is wise to offer ‘What YOU think’ or ‘What YOU feel’ or ‘What YOU have noticed’ rather than suggest you have any idea why others have taken a ‘position’. We’re not mind readers, and no one (including myself) wants to be told what we’re thinking from someone who couldn’t possibly know.

Visiting my ‘inner child’ before I write makes for a more ‘unassuming’ write. Being genuine is a good place to start from in all things.

What are your last thoughts of the night before you turn your lights off, ready to sleep?

I offer a prayer of gratitude and ask for safety and comfort for my loved ones.

What is the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard anyone say, write, or blog about?

It probably wasn’t ‘what someone said’ that seemed ridiculous but, as I mentioned above, the reasons some people use for saying things can be entertaining. It usually comes down to that ‘mind reading’ technique. Those who suggest that certain people do things because ‘the writer’ knows what they think. News Flash: Try asking them. LOL
(Of course, in fiction and poetry, the writer DOES know what the subjects think because he created them.)

Sometimes the ridiculous comes down to those people who keep ‘drawing conclusions’ rather than examining a topic. For example: “People from the South are undereducated” or “All women like jewelry.” etc.

What can you do today that you were not capable of a year ago?

“Not capable of” suggests a new skill rather than a new opportunity, to me. I am probably better at ‘listening to’ and ‘talking with’ others with whom I disagree. I truly want to keep them talking, as opposed to shutting them down or ‘educating them‘ (I loathe that last mentioned approach. 🙂 )
It’s not at all my job to correct anyone. My job is to curiously examine their words and thoughts in order to change or reinforce my own views. If I shut them down, I cannot learn and grow from the exchange.

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The Morning Dawdler- 1-5-23 Tasty Questions

How hard is it for you to ask for help if you need it – can you do so quickly, or are you resistant to it?

This is such a wonderfully profound question. Several years ago, I recognized my fervent commitment to caregiving had been part of my nature since childhood. I am the oldest child and oldest grandchild on both my paternal and maternal side. A lot was asked of me in those roles, and I embraced it like a warrior. Then my lifetime career choice became childcare. Duh! I’d been training for that all of my life.
It was about 10 years ago, I realized how ‘full’ I felt from a life of giving. At the same time, I realized that I never asked and/or refused to accept help in some warped sense of principle from my giving nature. It dawned on me that not accepting help was a selfish act. I knew how good it felt to be helpful and I was actually withholding the same pleasure from others!
I’ve learned to be as gracious a receiver as giver since then. It was one of my better life decisions.

Are there any phrases that people use that annoy you immensely?

I realized lately any mention of “diverse” THIS or “diverse” THAT turns my stomach. To those programmed to be ultra-sensitive to that term and/or have a perceived value of dwelling on it, I mean no disrespect.
My mind, heart, and soul believe so completely that we are EACH such unique beings of immeasurable value that placing people under microscopes (and in boxes) of immutable traits seems unconscionable. I find it absolutely a fruitless and divisive way to ultimately discriminate against and dehumanize people.
Answer this please:
If a family of children sharing similar DNA, raised within the confines of similar values, and experiencing many, many, of the same events can produce adults with different talents, values, politics, and temperaments, how does one conclude that having a common skin color or ethnic background produces people of homogenized views, talents, values, politics, and temperaments?

I think the term “diverse” when used to describe people suggests no one is actually a unique individual and reduces us all.

How do you acquire new skills – what systems do you adopt to aid you, and why do they make things easier?

I’m always looking for new projects but at 66 years old I’m more about honing the skills I’ve developed. My new skills interest was at its peak in my thirties and forties. New physically demanding skills would be a waste of time. I’m not seeking employment either. So, expressing myself through creative projects and enhancing my knowledge of things I enjoy, and teaching young people what I know, are my concerns these days.

Which three spices or condiments do you use the most when cooking, and what makes them more valuable?


They each add that little extra that makes all the difference to my taste buds. 😉