SoCS 11/19/22- Giving Thanks

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “morning.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Each morning I take a few minutes to be grateful. I read and consider a few prayers based on random scripture quotes. This is the one thing (other than feeding my dogs) that I never neglect. Every other duty, even the ones that ‘spring up’, must pass through my sense of priority screen. This is why I am posting this today. I don’t know what’s on my agenda tomorrow until tomorrow gets here.
I don’t do schedules. Yes, there are meals to be made and pills to be given and taken, but I am a ‘take it as it happens’ person.
That attitude is the foundation for my tendency to procrastinate.
I have to admit, I get a ‘rush’ out of the challenge to accomplishing tasks ‘last minute’. There’s a sense of VICTORY in defeating an imposed timing on my own terms. Then there’s the part of me that will drop everything if my family or friends need help. It’s the highest level in my priorities scale. Floors can be vacuumed, dishes washed, and blog posts can be written, anytime.
Part of my thankfulness morning ritual includes stepping outside to get in-touch with Nature. It will be briefer as the weather gets colder but it serves a powerful purpose in how my whole day goes.
This upcoming week will hold lots of extra projects and duties in preparation for Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to the challenge. If I don’t post much -or at all- next week, know that I’m happily busy with my own priorities… and blessed to have them.
Hope everyone has a lovely week!

Five Word Weekly Challenge- Leaving Your Mark

Mark, who was appropriately named, was the ‘black sheep’ of the family. Every family has/needs one and like they say, if you can’t identify your own family’s ‘black sheep’, it’s probably you. Black sheep are not necessarily ‘bad’ but they do stand out against the ‘herd’.
Today is Thanksgiving and Mark is standing outside his family’s home, still wearing a bright orange jumpsuit, on a special furlough from prison. He’d toyed with various alternative outfits, but all would be hard to manage with the barrier of an ankle bracelet so, in his usual style, he decided to “keep it real” in order to lift the awkward fog over what everybody already knew.

Mark needed to pause a bit longer on the step to regain his composure from a fit of ‘the giggles’ after slipping on a homemade green hat with a pumpkin stem. He’d made up his mind that he wasn’t going to allow everyone to be sullen when he had the opportunity to make them laugh. His time left was 8 months for a crime he’d committed but wasn’t a bit sorry for. The “whys” differentiate “bad guys” from “good guys” all of the time.

Once Mama wrapped him in the tightest hug and wiped tears of joy from her cheek, he knew he was indeed Home. The family got a big laugh over his costume with many of them saying with a shrug, “Some things never change.” and “Leave it to Mark.”. It became the best day, and the food was amazing!

That evening he reluctantly went back to prison. Mark had made friends with most of the prison guards and staff, so proper prison protocols were frequently suspended just for him. As he re-entered the prison after the holiday furlough, he wore the green hat again prompting audible laughter from every guard tower.

Eight months wouldn’t be so bad a wait after all.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt-Compassion- Nov. 25, 2021

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Father And Son Talk About Manhood

“It called compassion son… it is caring about the misfortune of others.”

“I felt really bad when Tanner’s dog died and I cried too. Is that compassion?”

“Exactly son. Compassion is a feeling. And what you do with that feeling is called character. Not everyone has good character, nor do they use their feelings in a ‘good’ way. They think the feeling itself is a virtue but the virtuous person is the one whose actions are just and consistent. When you’re truly compassionate, you do not withhold your kindness from people you don’t like. How about Benny? He’s picked on you and even stolen from you, would you feel bad if his dog died?”

[Long pause] “Well, yeah. It would be just as sad for him. I don’t think he’d let me help to bury him, though, like Tanner did. “

“Well that would be up to him. But offering to help would be the virtuous thing to do whether he accepted or not.”

“I saw a protest on TV last week, Dad. Some people were walking and waving signs THEN others started burning buildings and cars and beating up each other! I felt compassion for those peaceful people, and the people losing their businesses, but I didn’t feel compassion for the others. I didn’t like them! Am I bad for feeling that way?”

“Not at all. I was angry too. There’s a difference between people who “feel wronged” and those who “do wrong”. Doing wrong is not how people, of good character, express themselves. Some people use something good, like a protest, for an excused opportunity to do wrong. They’re ‘bad guys’. You are never expected to condone what bad guys do. Yet, a compassionate person doesn’t want evil things to happen to them. Even when people ‘ask for trouble’ we don’t wish them ill. BUT, it is virtuous to protect the ‘peaceful’ from the ‘bad guys’ any way we can. Allowing people’s homes, and businesses to be destroyed or allowing ‘bad guys’ to harm or kill others, is unconscionable. “

“Is another word for unconscionable, immoral? “

“Yep and men of character should help.”

” What if the bad guys try to hurt me while I’m helping out the others?”

“Then you have the right to defend yourself. It’s part of the law. It’s written in our Constitution. We all have a God given right to life, liberty, and property.”

“I don’t want to hurt people Dad!”

“I know son. It isn’t something anyone with good character wants to do. But ‘bad guys’ don’t often care about who they hurt. A man has to decide who they are if he’s threatened. Your life is precious and must be defended when you’ve exhausted every chance to reason with them or get away. If you end up hurting an attacker, it’ll be hard to live with but it is just. In a perfect world, this would never happen… but guess what?”

“It’s not a perfect world, Dad, and bad guys will always be a part of things.”

“I love you son. Be a ‘good guy’, always. Our world, our country, and our family counts on them.”

“I think I’ll be a policeman one day. Protecting people is a great way to show compassion AND to be a ‘good guy’.

“THAT would make me very proud, son.”

Random Word Story #29~Humble Pie in your Eye

English: Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth Presid...
English: Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Here’s my story:

It’s a common occurrence  in families. Doctors come from a long line of doctors…teachers seem to be generated within blood lines too. So when Jillian decided to become a water witch she suspected that she was the “fly in the ointment” of her scientific family.

Jillian spent her Thanksgiving reunion in a silent fuddle. Her Dad, the physicist, tipped his head toward her with a raised eyebrow and asked, “So how are those studies going?” He emphasized studies in a way that she was familiar. He could irritatingly infer that she was a kook even when his interest seemed genuine. No one else had been informed of her career choice so the introduction of the subject stung a bit.

She’d spent 6 months in a desert scrubland with no positive results and was beginning to question her skills and whether or not she just might fit the kook label after all. Failure was a hard pill to swallow in her family, especially hard for a deviant from science like herself. She had a dozen successes under her belt. That certainly wasn’t a shabby record. Jillian had stepped in when “scientists” had failed more than once.

Dowsers use divining rods attempting to find water. The practice was ancient and had saved many a farm from dust and despair. Not knowing every reason for a practice certainly cannot preclude it from being scientific. Jillian stiffened her posture.

Dad continued to poke fun, “Jillian, dear, it would be divine if you’d pass the gravy.”

With that, Jillian decided to “come out of her mystic closet”. Dad’s wordplay was getting to her, big time. Suddenly her shame was from hiding her beloved profession.

“So, has everyone heard about my studies? I’m a water witch. A darn good one too!”

Heads lifted. Aunt Barbara condescendingly snickered into her napkin while cousin Frank, the legally blind entomologist, squinted at her through “coke-bottle” glasses. Jillian had always wondered why he didn’t study BIG creatures. What a joke!

Great-grandmother was the only accepting face at the table. She was also the only one who spoke.

“It appears you have a tough crowd to please, Jilly. I’ll bet they don’t know about a fine kinswoman who made her life as a dowser. My great-grandmother worked for Abraham Lincoln himself don’t ya know. She’d be so very proud.”

Every face fell.

Jillian felt redeemed and raised an eyebrow directly at her father.

“Hey Dad, want some humble pie with that gravy?”

Zabby Eight Update 11/22/10

Zabby brought her magnificent trained cat over. Ladeen is white ,fluffy and can do the high dive into a pool. She wears pink goggles too.

Seems Arthur has a fever until Thanksgiving. Katherine says, that his good friend Dadala, is taking over for him at astronaut training. This is wonderful that Arthur will be home for Thanksgiving and he ,some how, won’t lose ground in his training.

I am glad to have all three of Katherine’s imaginary friends home for Thanksgiving.  Since Zabby and Alodda’s parents are deceased, they now live with Katherine everyday. They are such lucky girls to have Katherine to take them in. In trying times, friends can make ALL the difference. I haven’t asked the details of the accident. We aren’t dwelling on it.

There is much to do for housework and preparing a feast. Kat says that the girls will stay over the night before Thanksgiving to help me out. She will be home treating Arthur so he’ll be well enough to come to dinner.

Today, we will be making candy treats that we’ll share the instructions for.

Alodda has a very special pumpkin pie recipe that Kat says she’ll share also.