It’s a Happy Day Dr. Seuss!

“My newest life adventure is to write books utilizing my years with children. Theodor Geisel ,better known as Dr. Seuss, is one of my heroes. From what I’ve read, he never had children of his own. I’ve taken care of so many kids, I know what he meant when he said,”You make ’em, I amuse ’em.” (He was born in Springfield, Massachusetts.)”

That is a quote from my “About Me” page.

Today would have been Theodor’s 108th birthday. He has become an American icon for fun, imagination and whimsy.

Dr. Seuss taught me that rhyming is fun. As I go through my day with day care kids, I rhyme all the time. If my kids graduate from my program with any skill, rhyming is the one.

We create songs and verses for everyday events. My returning friends often greet me with their favorite verse, usually created just for them, one day years before. What a great exercise for the blossoming mind.

My mother had a lot to do with my love of words. I haven’t decided whether it was from the same genetic material that made her a “word lover” or her sharing of that love. I suspect some of both apply. My granddaughter is a “chip off of my block” in the word department. When she asked me(age 5), “Why are there so many words for vomit and only one for sneeze?”, I knew she was on her way to the world of word play.

Thank-you for all the fun you gave to young and old, Dr.Seuss! You are MY hero.