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Simply 6-Minutes 4/4/23- One Special Bear

The challenge is to write a story using the prompt image below in only 6 minutes.

Emmet was not only the happiest bear in the whole world, but he was also a very special one. Ordinarily the special animals born in the wild don’t have much of a chance at happiness, but Emmet was lucky enough to have a supportive family and community.
From his appearance, they all realized early on that Emmet had the animal version of *Down’s Syndrome.
As he grew, everyone was patient and protective of him. What he gave back were endless smiles and giggles. Emmet loved making other bears happy through laughter and even though he wasn’t always sure what made him so funny, he didn’t really care.
Pictured above, Emmet plays hide-and seek.
Emmet was indeed a special bear.

* Down syndrome is unique to only human chromosomes, however, animals can have similar mental illnesses to what humans can have1While it is not exactly the same disease as down syndrome, animals like tigers, dogs, monkeys, lions etc., can have similar visual and mental characteristics1For example, white tigers2, mice2, cats2 and many other animals have been found to have similar genetic disorders.

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Sunday Poser #119- Who you are.

Sadje’s question for today:

Valentine’s Day is not something I care about. Love is a 24/7 emotion.

It’s little things that someone does for others never anything that you buy.
It’s showing your loved ones they can be sure you’re available to help or comfort them any time of any day.
It’s going without in order to give support.
It’s being present for your family and friends.
It’s thinking there’s no greater reward than seeing your loved one happy and safe.
It’s forgiveness.

Most of all, it is doing all those things for others because you’ve taken the time to know “Who they are.” not by trying to make them into someone that you wish them to be.

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A Sunday Sharing- Promising Brand New Blogs

Yesterday, I did something new. I just browsed the blogosphere without using a tag and found it to be fun. It broadened my outlook too!
During that ‘stroll’ I delighted in finding two extremely new blogs.
The first one I found was by a young woman who is now living in Japan. She is writing ‘her story’ aptly named “The Story of Me”. Her delightful illustrations, and beautifully written first entry, hooked me right away.
The second was a blog from a mother of four living in Hawaii. Her family is soon to be moving to Washington State and she’s chosen to homeschool her kids. The desire to have quality time with our youngsters is strong but many young families cannot figure out how to do it. I’m going to enjoy watching her journey!
I believe I’d like to wander like this on a weekly basis. I have found the repeated visits to the same sites with the same people very rewarding but confining. There are favorite prompts and people I will never abandon but this exploration allowed me to ‘breathe’.
Please check out the two links below and support some newbies. They are in order of my mention above.
Have a great day!

taniedarling – Burgundy Door

Lights of Wonder (

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Family Love

When a marriage brings two people together, it brings two family philosophies together as well. The man and wife are drawn to each other but they just may have different ideas about life, love and parenting that can place a strain on their relationship.

At first, love is physical…life is forever…dreams are shared.

Then, they fall into expectations they have from a personal journey that each partner has taken without the other. The growing up in another household. The couple comes to realize that their dreams and expectations are grounded in that separate upbringing.

The sharing of love, hopes for happiness and family unity are defined differently in many nuclear families and can be a real obstacle to a “happily ever after” scenario in the brand new family made in marriage.

Recognizing the differences is the first step.

Hopefully the next step is accepting the differences as different. It is all too easy to feel they are wrong and right.

Overall, each partner needs to accept yet retain their separateness. People have signals that require definition to each other or misinterpretations are inevitable.

Being a family is not easy…combining phylosophies, religion, values, and dreams can be really tricky. It takes much effort and a lot of unconditional love and two people who support each other equally. Good luck to everyone!

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Plinky Prompts

Any one who has read my blog has noticed that some entries are labeled “Plinky”. I recommend joining Plinky @ Plinky. com. It is a place where I’ve made friends with other writers and an inspiration for blog posts.

I do not respond to every prompt BUT they sometimes inspire a topic for a new direction on my blog. I learn more about myself when I discuss a topic, as well as, others getting a glimpse of me that they may have never seen.

In my opinion, the best blogs are written primarily for the author’s own reflection.If we writers trouble ourselves about what others will think, the purity and fun is lost.

I also recommend writing buddies. I have a few people who follow my entries and give me critical feedback when needed but moreover support. If you read someone’s blog, I hope you take a brief moment for a comment.You can just add a smiley face to let them know others are watching.

The primary critic is the author but a little encouragement never hurts. I’m off to answer a great prompt on Plinky…hope you check it out :-).

PS: Always tag your entries with many words that describe it…the readership will widen faster!

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For My Little Sister, Donna.

The little one said,

“You are so colorful and cast the larger shadow.”

The big one replied,

We are made of the same elements and you chose a different path.”

“You are always busy, filled with life.”

“You are content in keeping your feelings facing away.”

It pleases me to be the observer, I like to watch.”

You are my balance, my friend and companion.”

I know you’ll always be near.”

I could not exist but for your support.”

Then the Earth smiled at the Moon.