Sunday Poser #101- Titles- Cherry on Top

Thank-you to Sadje for this question.

My post titles are extremely important to me. They can encapsulate the essence of the post itself or mislead the reader a bit in order to surprise him. Each kind are tone setters and hopefully ‘hooks’ to entice people to read more. Titles are no different from headlines in that respect.
The title is sometimes the ‘cherry on top’ of a post I’m especially proud of so to figure out a clever little play on words or to use a powerful statement from the post itself are each possible. I rarely create a title until very last. It would be like naming a puppy I hadn’t met yet to do so.

Sunday Poser- 5/22/22

This is a great question.
I’ve found that each of us bring our own mindsets into everything we do. No one is without pre-decided biases, but many seem to believe that they can operate ‘bias-free’. Those people are just lying to themselves.
Like viewing art, people see what they see through their own hearts and minds. That’s fine. Appreciating quotes is the same for some.
BUT… if the creator of a quote is well known that author’s meaning is easier to decipher. There’s an undeniable ‘flavor’ to the person’s intended meaning. If I am presenting a quote, who said it is the heaviest part.
The author of any quote carries far more clout for me than the words dangling without context. I don’t care to ‘dream up’ meaning when there’s truth to be discovered.
Like catchy headlines absorbed alone, there’s little truth or meaning without knowing what/who inspired them.

Sunday Poser-# 78… 5-1-22

This week my question is;

What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?

I’m a bit late on this. Yesterday offered rejuvenating time for outdoor activities. 🙂

My passion is seeking ‘truth’ in our politics. It’s annoying to some and informative to others.
I feel that my granddaughters’ futures depend on our U.S. political decisions and policies. For that reason, I have an insatiable appetite for “goings on”.

Since I’m retired, I have the time to watch events on C-Span as they transpire. I also have time to research topics from multiple points of view. Our media has failed us on matters of ‘truth’, so to stay well informed, watching events as they happen in unedited fashion is my mission.
For those family and friends, who trust my fairness and instincts, it has been valuable to them. Much of our population is just too busy to absorb news beyond headlines. We all know that headlines are often misleading and sensationalized so knowing someone, whom they can trust to report the numerous elements on topics, is essential to staying informed. I often phrase my reporting as factual developments rather than opinion but readily offer opinion when asked. Everyone should know as much as possible especially for voting purposes.

Unfortunately, hopeful news in this arena is hard to uncover but the media’s hype on a new ‘crisis’ everyday requires me to offer temperance with gathered facts as well.
It’s an exhausting and “soul sapping” task so I take time to be outdoors and relax in-between.
Consider the ‘passions’ mentioned in this thread. Are the people in Communist China allowed to pursue them? Our freedoms are what make all our humane pursuits possible.
To me, if our political system stops working on our country’s behalf (primarily in failing to defend our Constitution), ALL other things people hold dear will be at risk. It is the bedrock for our future survival.

Sunday Poser #74- Speaks to Me

This week my question is;

Do you like using emojis in your post, or texts?

Yes. I do like using emojis but, like commas, I use them far, too, often. LOL
Even ‘good things’ can be overdone.
They, like words, don’t translate to people in the exact same way. In the hyper-sensitive culture that created the concept of ‘hate speech’ (which has a fluid definition and is realistically just a tool to prevent speech), there’s no wonder that some people would find them childish or condescending. To those people I say, “Tough”. I’m responsible for my intentions not your reaction. 🙂 😀 ❤ 😉

Sunday Poser #72- Defending the Good

This week my question is;

What are your views about patriotismnationalism?

I think there’s been a tragic effort to propose that nationalism (supported by patriotism) is bad and selfish. To that response, I say, “You’ve got to be kidding.”
We only need to review the importance of family to realize that our needs, and ultimate survival, reside in a prioritizing of our own interests. To those who say that their hearts belong to everyone equally, I ask, “If the local elementary school were on fire, and your own children were inside, what is your primary mission when rushing in?”. This does not mean you would not assist anyone else along the way but (if you’re honest with yourself) you know finding your kids is at the forefront. It’s natural, it’s also okay. Taking immediate care of ‘our own’ is the best we humans can do. You can’t seriously believe single human beings can save the whole world but we each can impact the world only if we survive. Compassion and aid to others isn’t ‘off the table’ but priorities are necessary.
I often wonder if people, who expect us (we Americans) to give and fight without an interest in preventing our own decline, have considered a world without a generous and innovative country such as ours? Who’ll save the environment, promote freedom, create lifesaving medicine and technology, etc.? Without wealth, how can we aid others? Destroying ourselves would actually be the most selfish of outcomes. No, we’re not perfect but we’re good. Pretending that we aren’t is the surest way to destroy us. I’m not convinced those who suggest we have no important value, worth preserving, aren’t the ones who want us to fail for their own selfish reasons?
I’ve often heard that we women have a responsibility to ‘take care of ourselves’ for the good of the whole family. How is nationalism any different?
God Bless America!