Stranger Danger

You are wiser than you’ve ever been.

Your brain knows right from wrong.

There’s a story I must tell,

Because I know you’re strong.


A stranger shouted out my name.

I didn’t know his face.

He said he needed help from me,

Which COULDN’T be the case.

I  ran away as he approached,

Keeping lots of space!

NO adult needs help from kids.

So I kept that speedy pace.

If a person’s strange, that IS the rule.

Away from them you race!

Even if they shout or cry,

Quickly leave that place!


Remember manners don’t even count,

When there comes up a  stranger.

You won’t get at all  in trouble, friend,

You’ll get right out of  danger!

Wanna play?


I am either the most non-nosey person or maybe I am arrogant?

It remains to be decided.

I do not care about what you do for a living,where you live,or what you drive.

I want to know what you think?

There is a twinkle in the eyes of interesting people.Some may call it a faint look of amusement. Whatever it is, I know it when I see it.

What great fun it is to meet a stranger in the grocery line and connect!

I do not take life too seriously and I can pick out anyone in the crowd who feels the same.

I am totally impressed by witty people.

Word play is SO much fun. Children are the innocent masters of it.

I once introduced myself to a new two year old day care charge by admiring his pacifier. At the time,I didn’t realize that they were commonly known as “binkies”.

“Hi there…I see you have a “sucker.”

The child shied away and gave me the strangest look.

The parent prompted him to reply. It was not proper not to answer an adult.

“What do you say to your new teacher darling?”

After a moment he replied, “Hi sucker!”

Now,that kid I like!

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