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Titles for Kid Stories

Some titles that I hope to play with…

>The Wind is Whispering to Me

>I Brake for Newts

>Falling up, Floating down

> After Later

> What Color is Fun?

>Muckapog the Frog

> My Number is 3.

> If Arms could Stretch

> Perfect is Just a Word

>This Puddle Looks Like Me

>A Kite Might

>Where Do Apple Blossoms Go?

>Nick and Penny find a Dime

>That Isn’t Nice Brady

>Fenton Fallworthy the Scarecrow

>Slow Down You Clown

>Tiny Aaron

>Zabby Eight Sure is Great

>Not Now Katherine!

>What Do Peanuts Grow Up to Be?

>Shake it Off Dude!

>The Opposite of Never

> Love One and Nother