Random Word Story #24- The Coffee Shop Caper

Setta,japanese-leather-soled-sandals,japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Random words generated by creativitygames.net

Here’s my story from random words.


It appeared that the bloody sandals were all that remained of the unknown victim. The grizzly discovery was near the dumpster of the Dunkin’ Doughnuts that occupied the corner opposite the new Starbucks. It was 7:45 am so crowd control was a nightmare. The police officers had been stopping on their usual rounds of the coffee shops. A stereotypical event for sure.

There had been a wave of panic in the small city after it had been shaken to the core with two murders in two days. Officer O’Malley (yes stereotypical) barricaded the area with his 260 pound , mostly muscular, body.  He waved at civilians, some in pajamas, and shouted for them to keep their distance. There was great power in his baritone voice.

“This is a crime scene folks! Stay back!”

In the meantime, the workings of the coffee shop continued unabated. Even the screams of the elderly bag lady who discovered the shoes had not risen above the din of fans and pans in the bake shop. So when Maurice swung open the back door with an armful of junk, he visibly jumped from the start that the scene gave him.

Officer O’Malley appeared beside him.

“Maurice, you’ll have to stand back inside. We have detectives about to arrive. ” He pointed to the ground a few feet away. The sandals had already begun drawing flies. They were sticking to the coagulating redness.

Maurice pressed on. He had work to do. They danced from left to right until Maurice took an opportunity to dip beneath a bulky arm.

After depositing the junk in the dumpster he scooped up the sandals. He raised them to his nose as a collective gasp and one wretch of nausea came from spectators.

“Yup, strawberry.”

He tossed the sandals back to the ground and re-entered the shop abruptly slamming the door behind him.

A taxi blaring an impatient horn was the only sound for miles. Then pockets of snickering ending with a back slapping roar as the misunderstanding became clear.

About 20 minutes passed before O’Malley, still red-faced, sauntered to the counter on the inside. Maurice shouted, “The usual 3 strawberry cremes and a decaf?”

The officer looked at his shoes as he whispered,” Make it a croissant today, will ya?”

No Reason for Raisins

“No reason for raisins.”

The old woman said.

“Try a carrot, some celery

Or toast up some bread.”

I wanted to tell her

That bread wasn’t sweet,

I was craving a something

Delightful to eat.

“This isn’t good, lady.

Seems pretty lame.

Those kind of treats

Make snacking a shame.”

 She handed me floss,

A toothbrush and then,

Said, “No reason for raisins.”

All over again.

I Googled that treat.

Found interesting news.

Raisins are just like

The gumdrops we choose.

Oh yes, they are natural,

Have vitamin C,

Why was this lady

Torturing me?

Seems raisins are sticky,

Can make your teeth rot.

Just like a gumdrop,

Believe it or not.

I needed to thank her

Knocked on her front door.

“I won’t ask for raisins

For snacks anymore.”

Her wisdom was helpful.

She was merely concerned,

Just sharing from life

What  she’d already learned.

“They once were my favorite.

Really good taste.

But giving up teeth,

Was a horrible waste.”

“No reason for raisins.”

This now is my boast.

My next snack time choice,

Will be carrots or toast!


PS. Raisins are far better for a child than gumdrops. I enjoyed the sound of “No Reason for Raisins” for a poem. At the same time, wanted to remind caregivers of the “sticky treat” hazard.