Eugi’s Weekly Prompt-3/29/22- Splashy- Own it!

A task’s not worth a single minute
Lest you put your feet both in it.
Get all wet and step right in,
The odds are better for a win.
Egos seek the false and flashy,
Spirit turns what’s plain all ‘splashy’.
So, don’t avoid a puddle’s space,
Jump right in and ‘own’ the place!
Give your all and do your best,
A life well-lived is filled with zest.

MLMM Photo Challenge #377- Finding Life

Trapping the Sun, @Pobble365

Her birth number was 11101.
Since human fertility had become extinct, her consciousness was inherited from a glowing cache of souls.
Her choice of body manifestation was immediately repugnant to the ORB of Humanity.
White and female wasn’t only odd, but carried a burden of automatic disdain.
Adopting a name, was the last straw in her rejection of prescribed normalcy.
May didn’t aim to please. She sought to honor, and more importantly, remember those who’d come before her.
There had once been a time when humans were as numerous as the still visible stars and as individual as every pebble. Perhaps, her consciousness had ‘fallen through the cracks’ and wasn’t cleansed enough but she felt there was an undefeatable soul lurking inside of her.
Because of that unquenched ‘thirst’, May set off on her own.
She’d been so ostracized, no one missed her until it was too late. She had bundled all the souls waiting for ‘assignment’ within her pod and left the ORB.
As alarms rang and everyone scrambled, ten other members, who felt the same thirst, escaped and scattered.
May walked, with her ‘saved souls’ in tow, across a dried lakebed. Curiously, she felt no fear in this foreign surrounding and breathed more deeply than she ever had.
It wasn’t long before she came upon a fellow escapee and encouraged him to name himself. Together they persevered.
Pockets of organic human beings sprung up thereafter. She’d mercifully set the souls free, most of who, chose to seek their own bodies giving mankind the opportunity to recover its ability to reproduce when not in captivity.
Life, and the indomitable human spirit, found a way.

Once upon a time…

Nugget 2

I happened upon a vendor, at the flea market, this weekend. She was selling old beaten, yet still useful, metal trucks. My heart was happy at the memories stirred by these relics. Days spent riding them over the grass hills of my backyard with my brother. Tumbling and laughing …oblivious of their sharp edges and lead paint…we used them in the unintended ways kids do with toys.
Out of nowhere, I remembered Halloween and the fun we had roaming our neighborhood until 10:00 pm! I reminisced for a moment with the vendor. We shared a happy talk of pillowcases filled with candy and the knowing we were safe because we knew our neighbors.
“Now, Halloween is limited to an hour and a half .” I sighed. “Oh well, the kids won’t miss what they never had, I guess.”  I walked away with a heavy heart.

The next vendor had a metal Popgun for sale. He wanted $20.00 for memory’s sake and I held the toy, not daring to buy, but allowing myself the memories of me, as Annie Oakley once again. Jamming the barrel with dirt that would go off, with a pop and a puff, was not the intended use, of course. Such happy times…

I’d just had a birthday so reminiscing was near, anyway. The rest of the morning held flashbacks to the happiest times riding in the back of pick-up trucks and on top of hay wagons, with the breeze and treetops at my cheek.
Building campfires on an old dirt road and learning to swim without life vests in the ponds and creeks, came back. Using a wood-burning set without incident and at an “inappropriate” age and the “Thing Maker” with molten goop producing plastic bugs. Riding an, at least 1000 lb horse, bareback at the age of 6 and wandering about the cows, who weighed the same, without fear nor injury because I had been taught about caution. Oh yes, and building bows with arrows of sharpened sticks with the Barlow pocketknife grandpa bought for me. Building jumps for my spider bike and riding with no hands…feet upon the handles…producing some scrapes and bruises, but what a ride! Climbing to the tops of trees and silos and getting scared but holding tight and cheering “like a gold medalist” when I, once again, found the ground.
These things are dangerous and won’t happen any more…why? Because no modern child would attempt them. They haven’t any way to test themselves…to learn caution as they grow by “uping” the ante of self-reliance. All they know is “You mustn’t try. You mustn’t risk. Your judgement is flawed.Don’t get hurt.”
Kids are taught to fear, now.  A fine beginning to taming them…self-reliance is dangerous, you know.
Wild colts can turn into sheep.

Kids won’t miss, what they never had…

Inside Out

Susan (age 4)


I’m still here

It’s the same me

From last year

I am older

yet I’m not

Just my outside

changed a lot

I still day-dream

I still fish

On the first star

make a wish

Smelling flowers

Christmas eve

telling stories


Can you hear me

Here I be

Still the same girl

Yes, it’s me.