d’Verse ~ Creepies and Crawlies

Photo by sillyfrog

You judge me as a killer,
But how may I survive?
An instinct more than thriller.
My fight’s to stay alive.

I’m equipped with natural cover,
And armed, not size endowed.
Would I become a lover,
Might starving make you proud?

Don’t watch if my life shocks you.
Arachnids shan’t be blamed!
Just do the things you like to,
Know Nature won’t be shamed.


I enjoy watching these spiders. Crab spiders , well, resemble crabs. They have longer front legs and stick them out. Their bodies are flat too.

The one above is a Flower Spider. 200 species of crab spiders, including this one, live in the United States. The coolest thing about them is that they are “free-living” spiders. No webs for these guys. They just wait to ambush prey while sitting on flowers. Although their jaws (chelicerae) are very small, they have potent venom to immobilize their prey and eat at their leisure.

Goldenrod Spider (belongs to Crab Spider family)

These spiders are able to change color over several days. Of course, I assume the color is supposed to help them blend in. Think the Goldenrod Spider (above) is on the wrong flower? What a show-off!

The crab spider (below) has the right idea.

Look for these amazing hunters on daisies and other wildflowers. (Especially if Mom or Dad tends to be a little creeped out over spiders. Check those wild bouquets!)

I am especially fond of “free-living” spiders. Jumping spiders and Wolf spiders are among them. These guys turn to face you as an adversary even with their size disadvantage!  Gotta admire their spunk 🙂

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There are so many urban legends that are told and never corrected. One in particular is about what many Americans call a Daddy-Long Legs.

First , the correct term for these “creepy crawlies” is Harvestmen. Many people call assorted insects Daddy-Long Legs too, just because they notice long legs.

No they are not all male either but I haven’t a clue how to tell their gender.

These creatures are arachnids but are NOT spiders. (Consider how many kinds of birds there are…they are not all raptors though. There are many sub sets. I’ll discuss species,phylum, etc. another time.)

Harvestmen have only a couple of eyes on little stems…Spiders, most often have eight eyes.

Harvestmen only have one body segment…spiders have two. (Insects have three body segments, therefore, Spiders and Harvestmen are not insects.)

Most spiders have venom and produce silk…Harvestmen have no venom or silk. One of the most widely believed legends about Harvestmen is that they do have extremely toxic venom but cannot bite a person because their fangs are too small.  NOT TRUE.

Harvestmen live in the ground and have no webs. The lovely couple that I captured (above) is either in a fight or a mating embrace. I haven’t a clue which? Many mating rituals in the animal world resemble fights to people.

Funnel Weaver Spider (notice body has two sections)

Why the fuss?

മലയാളം: ചീലന്തി - എട്ടുകാലി
മലയാളം: ചീലന്തി – എട്ടുകാലി (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a spider in my bathroom.

I named her Geraldine.

She dangles in the corner

And watches me get clean.

As long as I can see her.

She really means no harm.

The only way she’d creep me out,

Is if she touched my arm.

My parents aren’t as patient.

They sweep her with the broom.

Seems like a lot of nonsense.

She takes so little room.

Grandma says I’m bigger.

Spiders don’t eat us.

So why is Daddy screaming,

And making such a fuss?