SoCS 1-21-23- Count on it- Use it!

Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 21st and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “count on it.” Use the phrase “count on it” somewhere in your post. Enjoy!

[One of my all-time favorite songs came to my mind yesterday and I was determined, no matter the prompt, to USE IT. :-D]

So, the prompt “count on it” made me first think about numbers. I dislike them. I don’t care about the old saying, “Numbers never lie”. They’re dishonest because they can be manipulated as much as any other human method of understanding. As Mark Twain said, “Facts are stubborn but statistics are quite pliable.”

Does anybody still think a statistic from any government resource is something you can count on? If your answer is, “Yeah”, remind me not to seek your advice on anything.

But everyone needs something to count on. If you’re a Christian it’s, of course, Jesus. But there must be SOMETHING worldly that makes us think “I can count on it.”. I suggest you consider yourself as a candidate.

Are you going to make mistakes? Duh. You can count on it. But who knows when you’re lying every single time? Who knows what you like, and what you’re good at, better than yourself?

Even when we don’t listen to that little voice known as a conscience, we hear it.

So, here’s my advice, trust and believe in yourself. Embrace your strengths and try to improve your weaknesses. And most importantly, forgive yourself often. You’re a ‘work in progress’.

Many of my posts come right out and say that I believe every one of us is unique. Claiming that I’m an individualist is an understatement. Knowing that, below is my choice of a theme song for this post.

Every decision you make, everything you tell yourself, and how you nurture and apply your talents is up to YOU.
You have great power…
Use it wisely and your happiness is almost guaranteed.

Hit it, Eric!

SoCS- 1/14/23 According to reports…: A Modern-Day Parable

Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 14th and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “once upon a time.” Start your post with “Once upon a time,” then write whatever comes to you, whether it be fact or fiction. Have fun!

Once upon a time on the African savannah, rabbits lived happily in their dens. The savannah was dangerous, and they knew some of them would fall prey to predators, extreme weather, and disease but they took precautions and counted upon their instincts which had been, so far, the safest way to live wild and free.
One summer some of the rabbits became aware of jackals on their perimeter and naturally avoided them. Their ancient warning system of stomps and flashing their white tails kept the communities informed of that danger. But when the jackals failed to move to invade their area, the rabbits grew less attentive to their presence until a few got close enough for the jackals to communicate with. The jackals smiled and told the rabbits that they’d come to enjoy watching the rabbits so much that they would be willing to serve as their protectors by keeping an ‘eye’ out for any danger that might arise and report it to them. The proposal made the persuasive claim that jackals covered far more area and certainly had access to a larger and farther source of information than rabbits could obtain.
Soon the rabbits agreed to that partnership. The jackals would laze in the shade offering the rabbits frequent reports on elephant migration, impending floods, and hungry hyenas and rabbits could now be free from all dangers. The rabbits soon came to the decision that thumping feet and flagging tails were ‘old school’ and unreliable methods that served no more use to them since they’d found such a modern solution.
The happy, carefree, rabbits grew in numbers. The trust in ‘jackal reports’ became nearly universal. When an occasional rabbit thumped his foot, the others shamed him and called him an ‘alarmist’ and troublemaker until he ‘got with the program’.

Once the jackals realized that their reports had gained complete acceptance, they went right to work. Occasional ‘made up’ reports of raiding hyenas sent some rabbits running outside of their domain in panic. Those outliers were abruptly gobbled up!
The next day report from those jackals made no mention of the missing rabbits and instead foretold of new imminent dangers producing the delicious same affect. No doubt, the most gullible rabbits were their easiest and most constant meal tickets.

And so, it still goes on the savannah, the rabbits no longer trust in their ability to warn each other, have a delusional sense of ‘perfect’ safety, and refuse to listen to (even bash) any rabbits who ‘think outside of the box’ suspecting that jackal con game. Those choosing to trust their instincts over the reporting from jackals are sadly becoming rarer every day.
Notably, the most effective panicked response to date has been the reaction to the recent report of a deadly disease sweeping the area. Boy, are those jackals getting fat!

Just so ya know, this isn’t The End but the most promising prospect for Happily Ever After still belongs to the jackals at the moment.

Happy Saturday friends! (I’m busy tomorrow so I need to post my stream today.)

[I had no idea that an old English tale about a jackal and rabbit existed before I wrote this post. This tale came directly from my own Stream of Consciousness. I’ll be looking it up to read and compare English tale with mine soon. When I searched for the image for this post, the existence of the other tale popped up.]

SoCS- 1-7-23 Out of the Box

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “out of the box.” Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you think “out of the box.” Enjoy!

This prompt brought back a delightful memory! My normal tendency to wax philosophically has been interrupted for this public service announcement to grandmas and childcare givers.

During my childcare years, I became a children’s programing connoisseur. Around the year 2000, I had a favorite program that the kids and I watched. It was called Out of the Box and was produced by Disney. I haven’t thought of it in years!
It had storytelling, music, and art projects that were wonderful. One segment, in particular, came to mind because I couldn’t help but dance to it. Upon revisiting it… I still needed to dance! I posted it for y’all below.

The cast, content, and messages in this delightful show was excellent and I hope anyone who is lucky enough to be in the presence of young kids (and still has a happy, silly, heart) will look it up on YouTube. There are full episodes available. You won’t be disappointed.

I can’t imagine where children’s programming has gone lately. I’m confident its better days are behind us.
Happy Saturday friends! Let’s dance. ❤

SoCS- 12/31/22- Leaping into the New Year

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “new/knew.’” Use one, use both, use them any way you like. Bonus points if you use both. Enjoy!

I knew right away that I wanted to post an uplifting and humorous stream. Yet, where I’m sitting in ‘time’ is daunting me and repressing my funny bone.
Let me explain…
It’s not new to a few of you that I have Spatial Sequence Synesthesia.
No, it’s not a disease or mental illness, it’s a ‘special’ way my early childhood brain framed my interpretation of numerical sequences including days, months, and years. I have what is called “mental maps” of dates and times. It’s a 3D mental image that somewhat translates to a 3D physical orientation in space that never changes. Overall, I think it’s really cool! I didn’t find out it had a name until I turned 60 years old. Until then, all my questions to family and friends about how they ‘see’ numbers were met with blank stares.
I cannot imagine NOT ‘seeing’ sequences any more than people without this gift can imagine ‘seeing’ them.
Here’s the meat of my post… On the last day of December each year, I feel physically in the lowest (not unhappy but in space) position on my ‘map’.
New Year’s Day makes me take a ‘leap’ to my highest ‘place’. It really is an orientation in time that I constantly am aware of. That leap and juxtaposition is unnerving to me for about a week. I feel as though I’m off balance and a bit lost during that time. It’s similar to the feeling you may get when staying overnight in an unfamiliar place and not feeling ‘at home’ there.

Luckily, I am a mother of a New Year’s baby from 1980. My daughter’s birthday serves as a happy distraction and focus away from my internal ill at ease.
I’m not unhappy at all. There’s just a little ‘cloud’ following me at the moment. All people, like myself, have different personal ‘maps’ of all different shapes. Not everyone takes a leap as I need to do.

Anyway, I hope you find this interesting. There are many dozens of types of Synesthesia. Some really are troubling to those who experience them. Synesthesia has only been studied for about 40 or 50 years. It’s a fascinating phenomenon!

I grabbed a short video from YouTube to show you a young lady describing her Synesthesia. I do not have the Grapheme (color) type but do have Time/Space Synesthesia. Our ‘maps’ are quite personal, but you’ll get the idea how dynamic it is to we who have it. Mine are not circular and look more like concrete steps for days or months of the year. My numbers and decades are on ribbons that have a constant shape and direction.

If anyone of you can identify, let me know!
I also grabbed a link to an article on the topic and posted it below.

Happy New Year everyone. I’ll be ‘leaping’ there to be with you. LOL

SoCS- Anyway- Merry Christmas

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “start your post or one paragraph with the word ‘anyway.’” Bonus points if you start your post with “anyway” and regular points if you use it in a paragraph somewhere else in your post. Enjoy!

Anyway, the first thing that popped into my head with this prompt was Rosanne Rosannadanna from the old Saturday Night Live. Her rants ending in “never mind” were hilarious. Truly a golden era of late-night TV.

Anyway, laughing is so much fun! Making others laugh is a beautiful feeling. It’s something I try to do. At small gatherings I don’t even realize I’m trying to do that but it’s like a switch goes off. If you listen to conversations with a comical attitude there’s a treasure trove of material. Patterns evolve and word play takes on a personal flavor. I’m asked, “Are you ever serious?” and realize that, in public, I rarely am serious. Fun is my game.

Anyway, talking about myself is easy but it makes me feel uncomfortable. We all know ourselves best but “who we are” really doesn’t have much to do with “who we think we are”. Have you noticed how we act differently around different people? I don’t think that’s usually an attempt at being phony. I think that comes from having a feeling about what those people expect. We are after all ‘complex animals’. There are layers of things that interest each of us and those who are better at recognizing what their ‘audience’ expects try to live up (or down) to it.

Anyway, the people that I feel most comfortable around are those who don’t seem to have any expectations. You might say that you haven’t become a typecast to them, as far as you know. Those people are few.

Anyway, Christmas is coming too quickly as usual. Isn’t anticipation the BEST feeling? I think so.

Anyway, I’m frequently thinking about how much I enjoy blogging. Creating something that’s all yours is exhilarating. But the people here are a large part of the experience. I’m hoping that each of you have a healthy, and creative New Year.

Anyway, I got through this post not making a political point. Consider that your Christmas miracle. LOL
Merry Christmas to you all!

SoCS 11/19/22- Giving Thanks

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “morning.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Each morning I take a few minutes to be grateful. I read and consider a few prayers based on random scripture quotes. This is the one thing (other than feeding my dogs) that I never neglect. Every other duty, even the ones that ‘spring up’, must pass through my sense of priority screen. This is why I am posting this today. I don’t know what’s on my agenda tomorrow until tomorrow gets here.
I don’t do schedules. Yes, there are meals to be made and pills to be given and taken, but I am a ‘take it as it happens’ person.
That attitude is the foundation for my tendency to procrastinate.
I have to admit, I get a ‘rush’ out of the challenge to accomplishing tasks ‘last minute’. There’s a sense of VICTORY in defeating an imposed timing on my own terms. Then there’s the part of me that will drop everything if my family or friends need help. It’s the highest level in my priorities scale. Floors can be vacuumed, dishes washed, and blog posts can be written, anytime.
Part of my thankfulness morning ritual includes stepping outside to get in-touch with Nature. It will be briefer as the weather gets colder but it serves a powerful purpose in how my whole day goes.
This upcoming week will hold lots of extra projects and duties in preparation for Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to the challenge. If I don’t post much -or at all- next week, know that I’m happily busy with my own priorities… and blessed to have them.
Hope everyone has a lovely week!

SoCS 11-12-22- Pursuit of Excellence

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with or contains ‘cel.’” Find a word that begins with or contains “cel” and use it in your post any way you’d like. Have fun!

Have you ever watched a child’s face light up when you say that? That reaction is also an excellent outcome. It’s heartwarming!

That word is not synonymous with perfect, though. Perfect doesn’t actually exist in our everyday lives. It’s a unicorn; great to imagine but impossible to own. But “excellent” does absolutely exist.

Excellent is a worthy goal and looks different in every situation. Doing your best is excellent. Making even a tiny improvement is excellent. It seems that excellent can be a direction to move toward as often as an outcome. But excellent things rarely “pop” out of nowhere. They’re pursued. And in order to appreciate any “excellent” event we need to also know being disheartened and disappointed. Everything is relative.

I personally dislike complaining. And it just occurred to me that people who complain a lot may have unrealistic expectations of achieving excellence. Do we feed that attitude in kids? Are we so eager to see their glowing faces that we dish out the “that’s excellent!” praise too often? I can’t help thinking that we’re giving a terrible burden to kids when we do that. People who complain about everything are visibly miserable and while they are complaining, “hope” is nowhere to be found. Besides Love, Hope is an essential part of life. It gives you courage to “try again” and to persevere. Without it, ‘giving up’ is almost a sure thing.

That brings me to something I have pondered for a while. My parents’ and grandparents’ generations experienced The Great Depression and two World Wars. I was fortunate to know my grandparents and listened to their tales about ‘difficult times’. Why weren’t drug abuse, suicide, frantic outrage, and ‘safe spaces’ big deals then? Do modern day kids think struggling is something new? I think so. In fact, I don’t think modern day kids even recognize what ‘struggling’-real human despair- is.

Here’s a recommended topic of discussion with your kids and grandkids. As all things are relative, ask them to put down their $200.00 devices and chew on this:

“While rates of extreme poverty have declined substantially, falling from 36 percent in 1990, the report’s expanded examination of the nature of poverty demonstrates the magnitude of the challenge in eradicating it. Over 1.9 billion people, or 26.2 percent of the world’s population, were living on less than $3.20 per day in 2015. Close to 46 percent of the world’s population was living on less than $5.50 a day. “

And once you get their attention, watching this video together might give them an idea how to help out their fellow man. Wouldn’t that be excellent?!

Happy Saturday! I hope we all can inspire our kids to seek excellence!