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The Garden Dawdler 4/29/23- Call of Duty

This week’s questions from Rory.

What is one of your deepest desires or fantasy?
[Inspired by Fantasy Island]

If you’re familiar with the movie Twister, then you know the character of Aunt Meg.
She lived with her dog and spent much of her time being creative. Her home was always open to her niece and any other young people. They could come to her for a warm meal, a smile, and/or advice. Neither chaos nor solitude seemed to bother Meg. That’s who I’d like to be or who I’d like to be remembered as being. Perhaps, I’ve daydreamed about being in a more remote home than Meg- on a small homestead in the woods- but having a joyful existence as she seemed to have would be everything.

When was the last time you used a pencil to write with?

Not too long ago. There’s one in my ‘go to’ glass of writing utensils. But, while I was open for business in day care, my favorite utensil was a crayon. lol

How tired are you daily, or do you get sufficient sleep to feel refreshed daily?

I’m a good sleeper. Even nighttime interruptions don’t keep me up. BUT I require that sleep.
If I burn the candle too long on each end of the day, I will get sick. Sleep is more like a bank account than a restaurant. If you’re hungry, you can load up and get back to living. Sleep is a savings account for me. I owe a debt if I get less than 8 hours and I make sure to catch up on it, or else.
Not so for my husband. I realize it’s different for everyone.

How quick are you at making significant vital decisions?

On BIG decisions, I’m pretty quick. This is because I am a “plan of escape” person. IMHO…People who fail to have a plan for a worst-case scenario waste valuable time while those who plan are more ‘at the ready’. Not every vital decision needs to be made quickly and deserves a lot of thought. The one’s that require you to be ‘quick’ are usually concerned with safety IMHO.
When you enter a new city while on vacation, do you watch for the signs that show the route to the hospital? I do. 😉

Do you use a brush or a comb with your hair or never do that and have a more natural look?

A brush and rarely look in the mirror so I am somewhat neat AND natural.

How many true friendships do you think you need?

I have several friends who mean different things to me. I love them dearly, but I don’t feel I need them. They are like bacon… absolutely they make my life more delicious and delightful, but I wouldn’t starve without them. My family, on the other hand, is my oxygen.

How good is your memory, and how far back in your life can you go to remember moments with clarity?

I have an excellent memory. Most of my most vivid ones start around the age of 4-years-old.

How do you keep yourself optimistic day to day?

I laugh at almost everything. Humor is the best medicine and IMHO sarcasm works well too.

When did you last wander freely out and about with no set destination instead of walking purposefully? [A stroll with no clear A – B parameters]

It’s been a very long time. Certainly, before I became a mother, and on that day, my life became a part of someone else’s life. The enchantment of a goal of having the freedom to have only a personal path to wander aimlessly along, is a trap. It will not enrich you like a life of service, purpose, and demands. ❤

(I know Rory wanted to know about an afternoon stroll but even then, I would feel a limit to my wandering because of my perceived duties to others.)

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Story Starter Saturday- 1/28/23 Sweet Dreams

Your sentence starter this week is:

  • Am I asleep, or am I dreaming? This question whirled through her mind.

    Sweet Dreams

    “Am I asleep, or am I dreaming? ” This question whirled through her mind as she listened to the TV.

    Barb sat straight up in bed having almost fallen asleep.

    “Did that idiot just say that private property causes Global Warming?!”

    Barb glanced at her husband, Dennis, to see he had dosed off with the TV on again. Now she was wide awake and angry ‘to boot’. Bill Gates was framed on the screen, sickly grinning, and proposed once more that no one should own property or cars.

    Barbara was so agitated she hit Dennis square in the face with her pillow. He flailed and sat up beside her.

    “What the heck, Barbara?! You nearly gave me a heart attack! What’s wrong?”

    “You fell asleep again with that Communist News Network on. Why in the HELL do you watch that garbage!”

    “It’s funny and boringly predictable at the same time. You know I can’t just fall asleep like you do.”

    “If you insist on watching that station, then you better make darn sure I’m asleep from now on before you tune in. It’s disturbing and alarming to me. And if you don’t understand how disturbing it is, I’ll be happy to hit you with my pillow when it’s left on in the future!”

    Dennis, now awake, changed the channel to Investigation Discovery. The show playing was about a woman gradually poisoning her husband to death.

    “That’s more like it! Goodnight Dennis. Sweet dreams.”

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Question Time Over Coffee- Odd and rarely Angry

What actions do you take if you can’t sleep naturally?

I’ve never had that problem.

Can you easily recognise if you are suffering from stress, and if so, what do you do to reduce it? Are you able to see signs of stress in your friends or your family more than you?

Stress takes many shapes. There’s the kind when you are close to being overwhelmed with tasks. There is the kind when you’re waiting for important news. There’s the kind when a loved one is ill or deeply sad and you’re at a loss to help them. And there’s the kind that you give to yourself in the form of guilt or worry (usually over things you can’t change).
The first type I find exhilarating. I’m a habitual procrastinator probably just because of that. That “bring it on!” feeling makes me feel alive. The second type is something I handle well too. That probably comes from my “It is what it is.” general approach. The third kind can take a physical toll on me. I’m not a crier. If I were, perhaps I’d be better off. If I keep this kind of stress too much to myself, I end up getting ill myself. One time, I got up and couldn’t walk! My legs hurt and wouldn’t support me. There was no other explanation for that malady, and it went away as soon as I gave myself permission to disengage and rest. As for self-imposed stress, I usually keep telling myself to “cut that out!”. Sometimes I listen. 😉
I can see stress in others depending upon how they handle it. If they’re a person who keeps it inside, as I do, then they’re harder to read.

The West holds firm concerning the war in Ukraine. However, how do you feel about it all now? Do you believe we are providing too much or too little support?

The West is being ‘played’ into destroying itself. Military and powerful elites are enriching themselves by appealing to the better nature of humans. The virtue signaling going on is nauseating once you realize what is going on.

How much black-and-white honesty from your best friends do you believe your friendship with them warrants? Should friends be brutally honest with you or provide support without question?

At least my true friends are honest. We’re likely friends because of my tendency to be brutally honest. I think you can offer support even when you’re honest. Those things are not mutually exclusive.

Do you think you have an addictive personality?

Not at all. I jump from one thing to another with excitement for something new. I’d get bored if I dwelled on anything for too long. I marvel at Olympians training for years for a single moment. They overlook many everyday interests and joys in that purpose. I can’t imagine putting all my eggs in one basket. “Variety is the spice of life.”

Why are so many of today’s online/television advertisements so cringey? Are you ever influenced by the comedy or corniness of them?

I’m not easily influenced by any ‘sales pitch’. Actually, if any person comes off as ‘smooth’ or ‘charming’ my alarm bells start to ring. I think Groucho Marx nailed it. I don’t think anyone can do those things without astute observers catching on.

“The Two Most Important Words In The World Are Honesty And Sincerity, If You Can Fake These You’ve Got It Made.”-Groucho Marx

Do you ever need help responding to some comments left by readers on your blog posts, as in not knowing how or what to respond with? Why is this, and what usually throws you off?

All I do is make a mental note of well composed comments on my posts and use (a form of) them myself when they apply. Sometimes I’m stuck but find just a “thank-you” is sufficient. Some people are good at commenting. I’m not.

What five vegetables do you use the most each week or month?

Tomatoes (actually a fruit), broccoli, beets, corn, green beans, and lettuce … I’m aware that’s 6 but, whatever. 😉

What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done?

Probably going ‘skinny dipping’ in a river after dark with my husband. It was during our honeymoon period.

Have your blog reading habits changed since you first started to blog?
Have you ever felt frustrated from reading blog posts because they are perhaps not piquing your interest?
What have you done to prevent the boredom from biting deep if this is the case?

Occasionally I read blogs that sound interesting but mostly just write my own and respond to people who comment or use the same prompts. Blogging doesn’t take up my whole day.

Do you find it easy to make difficult decisions, and do you have a process of elimination for making those tough decisions?

It’s those darn little decisions that get to me… vanilla or chocolate, tacos or hamburgers, etc.
The big ones are well thought through.

What’s the longest you have gone without a shower?

A week.

Between the choice of a deep fried insect sandwich or a raw earthworm hamburger with no option of declining either, which would you choose?

Definitely anything deep fried works for me. I hear that grasshoppers taste nutty. I’m in.

How would your family and friends react if you started to talk to another person one day that no one else could see but you? Do you speak to yourself regularly?

They probably wouldn’t even notice. I talk out loud to myself all of the time and when I’m not doing that I’m likely talking to plants and animals. My oddness lost its shock value years ago. LOL

How far can you be pushed before annoyance becomes full-blown anger and what is your anger style?

I’m incredibly hard to get where I lose my cool. I only recall 3 times in my life. I didn’t hurt anyone but made it crystal clear that I would, and I wasn’t afraid to die in the process.
My calm nature is terribly effective in the anger department. It disarms most people. IF I were to get angry, everyone would notice, and jaws would hit the floor. That would be my own personal atomic bomb of shock. So, if you’re able to make me angry, it may not end well for you. The gloves come off!
Bruce Banner said it best: ” Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry.”

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Question Time Over Coffee- Good Times

Do you sometimes ‘just’ LIKE posts from those you follow but don’t often read the content, and if so, why do you do this?

Is it a time restraint or something else that motivates this action?

I’ve done it only a few times and it was from a time constraint. Feeling I knew the author and reading it a bit to get the gist, made me confident that I agreed or liked the form that was presented.

What do you do with gifts you have received but have no use for?

Inspired by Sadje

Thank-you, Sadje, for this question. I have a definite opinion on this. I regift things to others if I cannot or will not use them. Often, the gift finds a happy recipient. Why can I do this without hesitation? Because when I give someone a gift, it has absolutely no strings attached. If it helps the recipient as a gift for someone that they know who would enjoy it, so be it. Gift giving is not a contest but an act of goodwill.

Have people become lazier concerning cooking do you think, or is it more a case of people not knowing how to cook?

Is cooking considered a valuable skill by you?

I don’t concern myself with what others do or why they do it. As for me, I’m cooking often. Some of it comes down to being a thriftier practice than buying prepared foods… some of it is to avoid over-processed prepared foods… and some of it is because I trust the cleanliness of my own kitchen most. I don’t like having to cook as a rule (it’s time consuming) but believe it is the better way for my family (and dogs) to get good nutrition and feel cared for.

What news stories, in your opinion, have so far defined the 2020’s and what do you think they have taught us personally as individuals?

I’ve learned that my instincts served me well when it came to the pandemic, government corruption, and agenda-based leadership decisions. And that fear is a most effective tool for manipulating large groups of people to act in their own worst interests.

What would you never swallow even if you could?

A wild berry that I couldn’t identify.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night, and how many hours do you think you need and why?

I get around 8 to 9 hours every night. Thankfully, I can sleep easily and deeply because the quickest way to get me sick is to deprive me of enough sleep.

How important is it to you to have a clean house or environment to live in and does it have to be pristine?

I invited kids into my home for 46 years. I’m not one who cares about clutter at all. I do want things relatively clean but tidy isn’t my style. There’s too much fun and too many creative endeavors to be had so there’s no time for spit-shining. LOL

Could you give up your Smartphone and break your addiction to it?

I’d do that in an instant.

What have been five of your best TV shows from the dawn of dot to today?

Why were they good?

As a kid, I loved most western series. They taught me many things that I still value…honesty, courage, self-sufficiency, and honor.
As a teen, I loved Star Trek and The Rockford Files. The former introduced me to mind-blowing science fiction concepts. It also had a swashbuckling western quality in Captain Kirk. As for Rockford, he used his head. Watching him gave me the sense that I could figure my way out of any dilemma I might come across.
My favorite sitcom was Frazier. Those writers were, IMHO, excellent. The theme of arrogant ‘stuffed shirts’ meeting up with reality was a winner. The ‘stuffed shirts’ weren’t bad guys and easy to care about too. I laughed many times until I couldn’t breathe!

Why is life not a bed of roses but a bed of thorns?

What makes your life good and or bad?

I don’t agree with the first question. A good life depends on your attitude… if you adopt a victim posture, good luck.

Being born in the U.S. was the first of many good fortunes I’ve been blessed to have. Making the most of what I had by making mostly good decisions and appreciating beauty and truth made all the difference.

Toasted waffles or toasted bread, and why?

Bread. Bread is my biggest food weakness.

How do you feel about the ageing process and you?

I don’t think about it much. I’m a live for today type. I’ve found blessings in every age so far.

What is the last rebellious thing you did?

Some would say refusing to get the ‘vaccine’ was rebellious. I think it was not only a wise decision but only mine to make.

What would be your ideal ‘you experience’ of the following …. museum, theatre, spa day, bungee jumping?

It would be a museum BUT I haven’t ridden a horse in many years. Besides just wanting to smell one up close again, riding would be a blast if it were unsupervised and on a spirited animal.

Could you easily step off the planet and away from society and your friends and being social and also away from the Internet for 12 months?

Be still my heart! If my kids, grandkids, and dogs, were with me, where do I sign up?! {I’d prefer it be just way off the grid. Off of the planet would be freaky.}

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Haibun Monday 6-21-21 Solstice – Git ‘er Done

New to haibun? The form consists of one to a few paragraphs of prose—usually written in the present tense—that evoke an experience and are often non-fictional/autobiographical. They may be preceded or followed by one or more haiku—nature-based, using a seasonal image—that complement without directly repeating what the prose stated.

See the source image

There’s something about early daylight that pokes me awake only to bury my head with an extra pillow. The morning must be paused if I’m to go the distance. Drawing shades helps but I know it’s there pressing on my window.
It’s too early to mow. Let’s face it, mowing can be done at an hour that six months earlier would have found me wearing slippers and fluffing bed pillows.
The dogs don’t forget those ‘calling it a day’ hours, though. Seven-thirty pm and they’re asking to go to bed even before waning daylight insists that it’s time to rest.
But, the summer solstice somehow exerts extra pressures on humans to deny sleepiness and ‘git ‘er done’.

Farmers, so hardy.
Endless chores while daylight burns.
In winter, they’ll sleep.

Haibun Monday 6-21-21: Solstice I | dVerse (

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Old Toad

I spied an old toad by water’s edge

He remained still.

Blinked his eyes, never lifted his head

He remained still.

Offered him a tasty worm instead

He remained still.

“It must be such a comfy bed”

He remained still.

Watched him ’til the sun turned red.

He remained still.

Came back next day and thought he was dead

He remained still.

“What are you doing”, I said

Then he whispered ,”Being still.”


Lesson kids?  Be still when you are toad. 🙂