The Scariest Moment Came When

Getting SO involved in a movie!

She was up past her bedtime. Her parents had gone out on a rare get-together with friends and had left her to babysit for her siblings.

Susan was almost 14 and alone in the den with the late show.

The Skull was on. A story about the skull of Marquis de Sade which roamed around killing people! The den was dark and the 14 year old sat on the edge of her chair near the corner table.

~Creepy harpsichord music~

The plot thickened…the skull floated across the library in search of a new victim.

~goose bumps on her arms~

Susan became aware of the grasp the film had upon her and flirted with the idea of turning on a light. She pulled the afghan over her shoulders.

The light switch seemed a bit too far across an unlit sanctum…

The skull floats toward the screen…it was getting larger and it’s eye sockets were glowing…when suddenly!

Her cat jumps upon that corner table knocking over her drink and it crashed to the floor!

Susan’s feet did not even touch the floor…light on …TV off…no more late shows for quite some time!

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