He must be important

Proud, strong and full of lust.


She builds, nurtures and carries.


Master of his world

Conquering and seducing .


Her life is dauntless and driven.


Bright colors and a posture perfect

Anticipating a fight…a war.


Within her beats the new life…miracles.


Been said, “Lonely at the top.”

He is waiting.


She remains to busy to notice…


Zabby Eight Update 11/08/10

While camping together this weekend, Katherine, Grandma and Mommy cuddled in bed while listening to the crackle of the wood stove. Grandma asked Kat where her friends have been.

“Arthur is graduating from deep-sea diver school today!” Kat announced.

Grandma wanted to know more. “What will he be doing now? There is not much demand for deep-sea divers in upstate New York.”

“Arthur doesn’t tell me anything. He just does things.”

Grandma asked about Zabby. “Hey, does Zabby have any pets?”

Katherine sat straight up in bed and shuffled through a pile of invisible photographs. She pulled one out and put it right up to my nose.

“See, this is Zabby’s pet.”

“What is her pet’s name?” I asked.

“Can’t you read it? It says Ladeen right here at the bottom.”

“Oh, I can’t quite make it out without my glasses Katherine. What kind of animal is Ladeen?”

Katherine sighed and then said, “She’s a cat,of course. Zabby brings her to my house to play with my Moey.”

“Oh, Moey must love having company. ”

Kat interrupts and says, “She’s HERE! Zabby just arrived and has Ladeen in a purple pet carrier.”

“Wow, she’s quick. What does Ladeen look like?”

Kat shuffles through a few more imaginary photos and says,” See, she is white and fluffy.”

“Does Alodda have pets? ”

Katherine whips out a new photo of two large dogs that she describes as very well-trained. Kat goes on to put Ladeen, the amazing white cat, through her tricks.

Ladeen flips when asked and can lay down and stay just like a dog.

Grandma is impressed.

By the end of this show, I still wanted to know how Zabby was able to get to camp so quickly.

Katherine says Zabby always follows the speed limit. But when she needs to get there fast, she drives an ambulance just like her Dad does.

My Favorite Celebrity

He makes House real.

Hugh Laurie 1

That would have to be James Hugh Laurie.

He’s made the character of Dr.House extraordinary. I’d like to know more about him. He is a talented musician and comic actor.

I am amazed at his ability to talk in American English flawlessly and I want to know how he is able to become Dr. House and not take part of that character home with him?

I ask myself, constantly, why does the House character appeal to me?

Sometimes, I think it is because he says things that we all think but know better than to say.

Sometimes, I think it is because I find emotionally distant people very interesting.

Overall, I haven’t any reason why I love that most unlovable character.

The witty writing is worthy of praise but I believe Hugh Laurie makes it work.

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Who Rules?

I don’t do well with rules. Yes, they are quite necessary but so awfully confining.

Remember doing penmanship in school?

Mimicking retraces and loops in order to write cursive in a manner we could all comprehend. Besides my mother, I don’t know anyone who held on to that wealth after school years.

Remember early forms of art class?

“Hold your paper the long way…”,  “Color lightly…”, “Skies are supposed to be blue…”.  The biggest insult was getting to 8th grade and being introduced to the Impressionists! REALLY? So all that art stuff was helping us how?

Then the most insulting thing ever done to kids was introducing negative numbers after YEARS developing a “number order” picture in our heads!

I didn’t know where to fit them into my “mind’s eye”. A very tragic and unsettling event for me. The only thing that made any sense was the “two negatives make a positive” rule. I was able to remember this by saying ,”I’m not untying my shoe.”  Still, I couldn’t fully understand why the phrase meant that I was therefore tying my shoe. Seemed to me, I didn’t need to DO anything.

Don’t even get me started on rules of English and spelling! I before E except after C…weird!

You want to talk Gravity? THAT was supposed to be the biggest most unbending rule. In fact, it is a LAW! Ahhhhh!

It wasn’t long after this, that I learned that you could swing a pail of milk over your head using centrifugal force! The milk does not abide by that law, in that case? I am SO confused…Mom told me that I must not break a law!

As for me, I’m telling the kids like it IS…

Roll up your sleeves and hold the darn paper any way that you want and do not forget to leave cookies out for Santa this year.

Ode to a Newby Blogger

Overwhelmed, excited prickles

Getting into “pickles”

Can’t find the proper apps

Oh no , my lock’s on caps

First love is to create

but set-up just can’t wait

I want the perfect style

It’s gonna take a while

Push publish on the run

Still I feel undone

A comment just came in

It ended with a grin

I rack my brain for prose

Sincere as all of those.

Please don’t think me dumb

This process has me numb

I hit the button send

Before I reach the end

I’m finally in the pink

You send a foreign link

Frustration makes me click

Hey, that made blogging quick

People are so nice

They add the perfect spice

This is one messy gruel

But,blogging’s really cool

I know I’ve made a friend

MY newby time will end

They never called me lame

Treat newby’s all the same

I’ll  help all that I can

Newby? Take my hand 🙂