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Simply 6-Minutes-3/21/23 Baby Onboard

Today’s photo prompt below:

Greek had taken over the family “baby delivering business” when his dad, Spartan, retired. He was inexperienced and when thrust into the consumer world, he found out immediately that dealing with the public was a mostly thankless experience.
Greek’s business floundered after numerous poor reviews mounted over extremely short delivery delays. His elderly father’s feathers were even more ruffled than his own by the nit-picking level of customer complaints, so he called on an old buddy, Roman, who had been quite the innovator in his day.
Roman found nothing wrong with Greek’s management but thought the company needed better advertising. When an impromptu photoshoot offered an accidental image for their rebranding, they knew they’d found the perfect image and new hook line!
“Even if Trojans let you down, Greek jets you your surprise package.”

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Unanswered Question: Can’t we all admit that we’re silly?

I’ve had an ‘aftertaste’ that my recent posts were too repetitively ‘salty’. We all know too much of anything isn’t good for anyone. So, I decided to poke fun at myself and anyone else who may want to identify.

Gosh… there’s so much material.
My current most frequent ‘silly’ behavior is attempting to exit my car before I release the seatbelt. The gathering of my pocketbook, phone, and car keys, keeps jumping ahead of the basics. Every time I get that tug of “wait a minute pal” I start giggling. Then I spastically twist around trying not to put my ‘load’ down while gaining my freedom. In my head, that scene is hilarious.
Something I also do and immediately think, “DUH!” is stop at a railroad crossing with a single track, watch a train pass left to right, then proceed when the gates lift and look both ways before crossing. Um… a train could absolutely not be traveling right to left at that moment, silly.
How often we operate on what I call “autopilot” is something I find simultaneously frightening and comforting.
On occasion, I’ll drive a few miles (while in thought) and realize I have no visible memory of that part of my journey! My first instinct is to pull my truck over and slap myself. (I’ve yet to act on that one. lol) But not being fully aware of one’s surroundings is NOT a safe way to drive. It’s a “wake up” call when that happens.
Before you beautiful souls take up a collection for my incessant ‘thinking’ and do an intervention with “Overthinkers Anonymous”, I want you to know that my days hold a large amount of giggling precisely because of my affliction. It’s not all about “What ifs?”, it often times is “Look at that!” and takes on a humorous flavor actually more often than not. {I am a ‘silly frog’ don’t cha know.}

My granddaughter felt ill the other day and as she rushed to the bathroom to vomit, let’s say she ‘didn’t make it’. Knowing that ‘being sick’ is bad enough but being ill all over the back door is worse, I asked her what she’d had for lunch.
“Only a few blueberries and raspberries.” she gasped.
My answer was, “Wow! That’s what made this so colorful!”
Then we laughed together.

Yesterday, my mom sent me a photo of a quiche she had made labeled “Quiche Lorraine”. I responded with, “How were you able to tell it was a girl?”

You see? I’m able to annoy people with all kinds of questions and they don’t need to be the serious kind either.

Today, I would like to ask, “Can’t we all admit we’re silly?”
Incidentally, I don’t mind being ‘laughed at’. No one could do that more than I tend to do it to myself!

God bless.

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Bartholomew Sparks

Bartholomew Sparks was afraid of sharks

Never ventured into the sea.

He conquered that fear by staying right here

Oh how clever was he!

Bartholomew found that he feared dry ground

There are mummies buried real deep.

He ran every where with no time to spare

And tried not to make one peep.

At night in his bed, he covered his head

For the monsters dwelt below.

One day he stayed in, covered up to his chin

And found there was no place to go.

Bartholomew cried, “It’s lonely to hide,

I won’t leave myself out any more.”

He stood up real straight and accepted his fate

Then walked right out his door.

Things still make him jump but he climbed that hump

Bartholomew now worries much less

How silly was he to fear the big sea

Now all he avoids is Lock Ness.

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What’s cookin’?

I knew a chicken who had a beef because she was called a ham by some shrimp.

She said nothing about this ribbing ‘cuz she’s chicken…now she’s on the lamb and stewing ’til they meat again.

Just filleting with you.

(Drum roll followed by crashing cymbals!)

Does this smell fishy or have you haddock nuff? 🙂

Get out there and make some noise today my friends!

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Telling off Amphibians…not worth it.

I spotted a frog in a tree.

At the same time, she spotted me.

“This is awkward to find you up there.”

The frog rolled her eyes,”I don’t care.”

“I got here while chasing a bug.”

“So did I.” she said. ( sounding smug)

“To me, bugs are so cool!”

Frog then hissed,” You’re a real fool!”

“Sorry” I said.”Didn’t mean to be rude.”

She went on, “Bugs are just food!”

From the looks of it she had a date

She had set up a glass and a plate.

“Can’t imagine you sharing a meal.

You haven’t one single pinch of appeal.”

THEN she flipped two mean birds my way.

I almost left… but decided to stay.

She had one BIG bug up inside her glass.

The best that I could do was let it pass.