The strange houses of Lee Madgwick-d’Verse prompt- Refuge: A Triolet

I first came across Lee’s work on Twitter – @LeeMadgwick – and was struck by his surreal landscapes, and those enigmatic buildings. I immediately wanted to share them with you guys, and see what poetry came out of them, and Lee was kind enough to give me permission to do that. Please stick with these images, as these are the ones we have permission for – but if you want to see more of Lee’s (amazing) work, you can find him at

So it’s very simple tonight – choose an image, and write a poem inspired by it. Please credit Lee, and please link back to this post, and to good old Mr Linky. And don’t forget to read and comment on other people’s poems.

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Shadows forge a crown of light
Combating joys and sorrows meet
Enchanted doves in easy flight
Shadows forge a crown of light
Sheltered moments free from plight
Exposing anguish to defeat
Shadows forge a crown of light
Combating joys and sorrows meet
Triolet Form

Haibun Monday 5-24-21: Flower moon

How about it, poets? Ready to write some moon haibun? Feel free to take yours in whatever direction inspires you: just allude to the Floral Moon.

See the source image

A full moon casts shadows in the woods after midnight. Once stealthy creatures move without hesitation expecting to cast their own shadows to startle prey into straightforward pursuit. The Floral Moon welcomes the beauty and bounty of springtime during the briefest of annual dances with darkness. A bustling dynamic erupts intentionally and recklessly. This seasonal awakening of the forest -a withholding of sleep- invigorates all things wild.

Annual bounty
Once the Floral Moon rises
Vigor haunts the night

Haibun Monday 5-24-21: Flower moon | dVerse (