SoCS- 12/31/22- Leaping into the New Year

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “new/knew.’” Use one, use both, use them any way you like. Bonus points if you use both. Enjoy!

I knew right away that I wanted to post an uplifting and humorous stream. Yet, where I’m sitting in ‘time’ is daunting me and repressing my funny bone.
Let me explain…
It’s not new to a few of you that I have Spatial Sequence Synesthesia.
No, it’s not a disease or mental illness, it’s a ‘special’ way my early childhood brain framed my interpretation of numerical sequences including days, months, and years. I have what is called “mental maps” of dates and times. It’s a 3D mental image that somewhat translates to a 3D physical orientation in space that never changes. Overall, I think it’s really cool! I didn’t find out it had a name until I turned 60 years old. Until then, all my questions to family and friends about how they ‘see’ numbers were met with blank stares.
I cannot imagine NOT ‘seeing’ sequences any more than people without this gift can imagine ‘seeing’ them.
Here’s the meat of my post… On the last day of December each year, I feel physically in the lowest (not unhappy but in space) position on my ‘map’.
New Year’s Day makes me take a ‘leap’ to my highest ‘place’. It really is an orientation in time that I constantly am aware of. That leap and juxtaposition is unnerving to me for about a week. I feel as though I’m off balance and a bit lost during that time. It’s similar to the feeling you may get when staying overnight in an unfamiliar place and not feeling ‘at home’ there.

Luckily, I am a mother of a New Year’s baby from 1980. My daughter’s birthday serves as a happy distraction and focus away from my internal ill at ease.
I’m not unhappy at all. There’s just a little ‘cloud’ following me at the moment. All people, like myself, have different personal ‘maps’ of all different shapes. Not everyone takes a leap as I need to do.

Anyway, I hope you find this interesting. There are many dozens of types of Synesthesia. Some really are troubling to those who experience them. Synesthesia has only been studied for about 40 or 50 years. It’s a fascinating phenomenon!

I grabbed a short video from YouTube to show you a young lady describing her Synesthesia. I do not have the Grapheme (color) type but do have Time/Space Synesthesia. Our ‘maps’ are quite personal, but you’ll get the idea how dynamic it is to we who have it. Mine are not circular and look more like concrete steps for days or months of the year. My numbers and decades are on ribbons that have a constant shape and direction.

If anyone of you can identify, let me know!
I also grabbed a link to an article on the topic and posted it below.

Happy New Year everyone. I’ll be ‘leaping’ there to be with you. LOL

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #248- Excavating History

We have a phrase this week to serve as your writing prompt.

…passing through a doorway in history

There is no restriction on format of the piece. There is no last date either, unless you wish to be featured in the Weekly Wrap. 

Duncan’s head hurt.
His pursuit of truth is a hunger he knows can never be satisfied in a conclusion. He wonders, “Is the past truly a mosaic of endless opinions or is there more?”
To become an observer by passing through a doorway of history would give him more evidence but trusting his eyes and ears has limitations. The “who he is”- a being marinated in modern day culture and sensibilities- would be a tremendous disadvantage to an unbiased reenactment. He knows that the understanding of history is disserved by only studying collections of modern intellectual interpretations after the fact. It needs to be excavated for evidentiary fossils that prove each past moment was once alive and three-dimensional.
So, Duncan reads everything he can find… journals and diaries, essays and articles.
His focus is on the founding of his country. Not from any patriotic duty or political position, as one might guess, but because he has Spatial Sequence Synesthesia, and his personal ‘mental map’ oddly always balances on a fulcrum in the late 1800s. His internal visual timeline stretches to infinity toward the past and future from the 1860s every time he withdraws his focused perspective and tries to ‘see’ all of Time. His ‘gift’ is either a peculiar mental defect or a sign of something special and Duncan doesn’t believe in coincidences, so he feels compelled to understand more. He’s somehow tied to that period.

I wish him well.
He may never find a full understanding, but Duncan doesn’t care as long as he collects knowledge that he can absorb through his 5 senses and his heart, bringing the past alive again.
He’s a guy I’d like to talk with!

d’Verse Poetics-August- A Place on a Map

For today’s Poetics, I want you all to write a poem about August. Feel it in your bones. Come tell us what the month means to you. You can write about it in terms of weather and mood, write inspired by the examples shared above or opt to compose a darker, more philosophical piece. The choice is yours!

There you are, August,
One step below the ‘top’.
Stretched longest on my ‘map’
Born from a child’s viewpoint.

Lazily I’ll climb toward September along your pathway.

[ I was 60 years old before I found my answer to a lifelong question. “Doesn’t everybody visualize months of the year in a 3D realm?” After years of blank dumbfounded responses to my statements about “seeing” numbers, days of the week, and months of the year, in three dimensions, I found out that I have Spatial Sequence Synesthesia! Those with this viewpoint have uniquely individual “mental maps” of all kinds of sequences. It’s a fascinating gift/defect caused by overlapping senses. Children are born with overlapping senses but supposedly outgrow them. Not everyone! Synesthesia takes MANY forms. I encourage everyone to look it up.
As for my poem, the mention of any month draws an immediate visual personal response. I’ve attached a link to my former post on the topic.]

MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt- Sounds of Birds

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Choose either sight, sound, or smell, and write a memory it triggers in you.

I’m a big fan of actively purposefully connecting with my senses. When something catches my eye, I pursue it for more sensual input. Yes, that’s probably why my career with children has been so rewarding. That’s exactly what kids do and why not being able to touch or sniff a priceless work of art, is unbearable for them.
My example comes from an experiment that asked me to recall a sensation.
I became intrigued by articles about Native American Spirit Animals. There’s no doubt in my mind that human beings are inseparable from Nature and that spiritual signs are everywhere.
So, there was a proposed experiment to find your own ‘spirit animal’. I thought, why not?
The experiment suggested a quiet calm space where you could just clear your mind in a meditative state and the first animal that presented itself to you would be your spirit guide. Did I mention that I was skeptical? I wasn’t even sure that I was capable of clearing my mind.
Well, I did it.
As I sat quietly, I suddenly heard the sound of red-winged blackbirds. I hadn’t heard them in a long while, at that time, because I wasn’t living by a marshy area. (That sound also triggered happy childhood memories of my grandparents’ farm.)
Red winged blackbirds were so outside of what I expected, and so specific, that I became a guarded believer that very day.
I look up animal meaning information often now, especially when I notice an unusual array of them in a time period.
There was such a time period right after my first granddaughter was born, when my photo adventures turned from frogs and salamanders to spiders. I was ALL about finding spiders!
A few years into that new photo fetish, I found my book on animal meanings.
I looked up spiders, for fun.
Spiders mean Grandmother. “The spirit of grandmotherly love.”
Just sayin’.

MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt – Three Senses | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (

The Heart of Things

seeds 002between

When children don’t like green beans,

I ask them just to taste.

There are so many new things,

So little time to waste.

A new idea’s a wonder.

Embrace it, oh so, much.

The world is ours to play with,

We must reach out and touch.

“Seeing is believing”,

That’s how the saying goes.

Appreciate those pictures from

The part of life that shows.

Give everything a sniff test.

Aromas stir the mind.

 What’s good or may be rotten,

Applies to all you find.

Best of these, you listen.

Collect, then take apart.

Senses are your data bank,


Actions need your heart.


This is my 600th post in my blog.

I wanted it to be special…