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The Sunday Whirl- 3/19/23 Blind Luck

The mission of the African Safari was to photograph animals in the wild rather than having to observe them in a cage. Our lucky senior class photography club had won this miracle adventure in a country wide contest! No one would need to be forced not go as it was “all expenses paid”.
Once we arrived in Africa, the seven of us found it soothing to our apprehensions that our guide spoke perfect English. He had been educated in the U.S. even though he was labeled in the brochure as a “native”.
On our first excursion into the wild grasslands, we were overwhelmed by the single-colored environment. Everything was a variation of a sandy tan. Trees, land, even the sky, blended together causing us to have to add lens filters and wear eye protection to prevent a kind of ‘blindness’ that would interfere with us getting the ‘full experience’.
Our guide got rather annoyed along that first ride when he pointed out many hidden wild targets that we would have otherwise missed.
“Good grief, you guys! How could people who have such an interest in “seeing the World” be so ‘freakin’ blind.”