Reena’s Xploration Challenge #242-All but Forgotten

Write whatever the image brings up in you.

There is no restriction on length or format of the piece. There is no last date either, unless you wish to be featured in the Weekly Wrap. 

Cee abruptly stopped in her tracks. The finely detailed map that she held did not depict the glassy pond which obviously lay directly to her right. The sky reflected on the pond’s surface was sharp, but the image was sepia-toned.
A gasp from directly behind her made her jump with fright. She spun around with fists at the ready nearly knocking the youngest survivor into the copper-colored water.

“Zee! You scared the salt out of me! I told you to stay at camp.”

“I got bored, Cee. You get all the fun these days.”

“These days? You call the end of human existence THESE DAYS!”

Cee instantly realized her fright had gotten the better of her. As third in command, she took her role of steady leadership seriously, so she just grabbed the younger woman and hugged her.

“Sorry Zee. I lost my cool for a moment.”

“No worries. What’s wrong with that water?”

“I don’t know. It’s not on the map. Probably minerals or something else in this environment.”

Cee stepped toward the pond and squatted placing her fingers on the still surface. Not one ripple spread from her touch. That odd experience caused her to retrieve her hand in a jolt as if it had been burned only to observe that her fingertips weren’t the slightest bit wet.

“This isn’t good, Zee. Not good at all. I don’t remember much but I know how water in my cup behaves and this is not water.”

Suddenly, two dark pointed shadows crossed the mirrored surface. Both females instantly looked up, but there was nothing between the sun and the reflection. Then their slightly startled eyes met, and the air filled with a deafening roar followed by ear-ringing waves of explosions all around them!
Instinctively they dropped face first to the ground.

As abruptly as it had erupted, the clangor ended.

When Cee and Zee lifted their heads, all was calm, and the sepia pond was gone!

Over the next few months, visits to that area were forbidden to all but Leader Ay, who returned every time pale and visibly rattled.

Forevermore it was hence declared a haunted area, to the 26-member troop, and given a wide berth.

Marked on the map with a bold red ring it was officially labeled The Memory Pond.

My Dream Novel's Plot

Prepared to be scared…

edvard munch – the scream 1893

Nadia awoke with a start!

She had to have been dreaming. Yet,the voice in her ear was so very familiar that it still resonated.

The image of her younger self came back, like an old fashioned movie, it had no sound and flickered.

Nadia pinched herself…she was dreaming. “Ouch!”

The show stopped as abruptly as it had started.

The haunting image of herself at age ten stayed with her. Although she was sure it was her younger self, the setting was completely foreign. If she had to guess, she was traveling on a train. The scene ran at a separate speed behind her.

Nadia had never, ever, ridden a train.

Then the voice came back to her.

She wracked her brain but couldn’t remember what it had said.

“Nadia, you up?” Aunt Gayle always insisted that the “early bird gets the worm.”

“Yes, I’ll be right down.”

Nadia was visiting Aunt Gayle’s dairy farm in New York State.

Her parents were on a leave from their studies on behalf of the government. They were secretive about their jobs. Even at age 25, Nadia had no idea what they really did.

She shook off the eerie dream and went down to breakfast.

After she left the bedroom, an image flickered on the wall.

It was the young Nadia screaming in terror… but no one saw.

Time travel, government experiment, mental illness what will come will blow you away!

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The Funny Sticks

Playing upon words,phrases, and sci-fi films…

This is a movie that I quote so very often.

John Candy was a brilliant funny man…this was not his best film but his presense sure helps the silly theme.

“Funny…she doesn’t look Druish?”

“I’m a Mog. Half man, half dog, I’m my own best friend.”

Rick Morannis was at his silly best, as well. The whole movie kept me in stitches and continues to stick me right in the funny bone!

I don’t think you need to be a sci-fi buff to laugh but it sure makes it a better ride.

The word play is magnificent…double meanings abound.

Kick back with a friend you enjoy being “silly” with and have some “spit takes” together!

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