Heart-shaped Box ~ Book Review

I picked this book off of the library shelf because I liked the cover. Yes, that is what got me to look it over. With all the books to choose from it can be THAT simple.

Well, I’m always struggling to decide what makes me like a book. Sometimes, it’s just because they hold my interest and have an ending that doesn’t disappoint me.

This book is a modern ghost story. I love a good ghost story. This one had me turning pages at a furious rate. There was frequent bad language and a few sexual references that make this not for youngsters but it fit into the story of an aging rock star with a seedy past.

I found the dilemma that the characters faced believable enough to follow and enjoy. Their internal voices and instincts were not silly like those who always chase “bumps” in the night. The ghosts were creative and cool too.

This book won’t go down as a classic but it kept me happily entertained and wanting more. There are some lessons, the famed “Be careful what you wish for.” and the destructive power of money and fame along with the indiscretions of youth literally coming back to haunt the protagonist. I’ve put a few Stephen King novels down due to sexual content that seemed misplaced and for shock value only. In my opinion, those brief references in this story are not like that. I say this only as a warning to those who find such material impossible to get past in any story.

I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys a scary thriller. Anyone who loves Stephen King might find this one right up their alley.

I wonder?

When I fight with monsters

I wonder where they’re from?

If they have a family or

Maybe suck their thumb?

If they like the weather and

Can they feel sad?

Is their mother worried or

Do they really miss their Dad?

Maybe they aren’t scary ?

Maybe they are cool?

Wonder if they just got lost

On their way to school?

I never meant to hurt them.

I didn’t want to fight.

I hope to say I’m sorry

When they visit me tonight.

The Scariest Moment Came When

Getting SO involved in a movie!

She was up past her bedtime. Her parents had gone out on a rare get-together with friends and had left her to babysit for her siblings.

Susan was almost 14 and alone in the den with the late show.

The Skull was on. A story about the skull of Marquis de Sade which roamed around killing people! The den was dark and the 14 year old sat on the edge of her chair near the corner table.

~Creepy harpsichord music~

The plot thickened…the skull floated across the library in search of a new victim.

~goose bumps on her arms~

Susan became aware of the grasp the film had upon her and flirted with the idea of turning on a light. She pulled the afghan over her shoulders.

The light switch seemed a bit too far across an unlit sanctum…

The skull floats toward the screen…it was getting larger and it’s eye sockets were glowing…when suddenly!

Her cat jumps upon that corner table knocking over her drink and it crashed to the floor!

Susan’s feet did not even touch the floor…light on …TV off…no more late shows for quite some time!

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