My Childhood Idols

He was only a TV character but he was my idea of COOL.

Actually, I wasn’t a small child. I believe I was 17. I would never miss an episode of Rockford Files.

James Garner was a favorite actor of mine since the Maverick series. That too had the same flare. He was a clever, problem solving,rule bending, good hearted guy.

Maverick and Rockford had only a few close friends…people who could communicate with them on a special level.

I remember having a dream in which I was being pursued by a “bad guy”. My nightmare turned into an exciting adventure when (still in my dream) I imagined “What would Rockford do?”. My fear turned into cunning and I prevailed.

My idols have always been those who were uniquely clever and could “think” a way out of trouble. I know there is also something about a loner/emotionally distant person that I find fascinating but “why?” I don’t know. I guess to be considered a friend of theirs was a challenge difficult enough to be fun… a prize only few could earn.

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