Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Surreal

His ‘coming out’ event was surreal.
Once secluded in a darkness, he now was among a crowd and had entered the light.
He felt weak, at first, but grew stronger and sat taller as the days past.
He belonged and that felt wonderful.
Now, thinking nothing could get more bizarre than the day he came out, he was about to fly solo again!
Scary didn’t cover this occasion.
He knew he no longer had a choice and he took a leap of faith!
What had happened before made no difference to him, this was about freedom and purpose.
He sailed away from his peers claiming his own destiny.

The young robin never looked back.


veeryThis cute little bird is a Veery. It belongs to the group of birds known as Thrushes, therefore, it has a more familiar cousin, the American Robin. A Veery is slightly smaller than a Robin.

All Thrushes have lovely voices. The link below will bring you to a site where there are audio samples:

I found these birds hopping around my yard, at camp. It’s not surprising that I find them there. They live and nest in damp forests. These feathered sweethearts, primarily eat small insects and berries. The one, below, was flipping over leaves and gobbling up insects as she moved along. I usually find them to be shy but either the food source was just too enticing or the nesting drive too strong, to scare these photo subjects away from my lens. There were two birds present and, it seems safe to assume, that they were a mated pair. Their coloring was identical, so unlike Robins, there is no easy way to tell “Mom” from “Dad”.

038These birds build nests on the ground, or very near the ground, under dense shrubs. They occupy Canada and the Northern U.S. during springtime and summer but migrate to South America for the winter.

036Their cheerful voices always fill me with happiness. How fortunate I am to have them as summertime neighbors!