MLMM Photo Challenge #377- Finding Life

Trapping the Sun, @Pobble365

Her birth number was 11101.
Since human fertility had become extinct, her consciousness was inherited from a glowing cache of souls.
Her choice of body manifestation was immediately repugnant to the ORB of Humanity.
White and female wasn’t only odd, but carried a burden of automatic disdain.
Adopting a name, was the last straw in her rejection of prescribed normalcy.
May didn’t aim to please. She sought to honor, and more importantly, remember those who’d come before her.
There had once been a time when humans were as numerous as the still visible stars and as individual as every pebble. Perhaps, her consciousness had ‘fallen through the cracks’ and wasn’t cleansed enough but she felt there was an undefeatable soul lurking inside of her.
Because of that unquenched ‘thirst’, May set off on her own.
She’d been so ostracized, no one missed her until it was too late. She had bundled all the souls waiting for ‘assignment’ within her pod and left the ORB.
As alarms rang and everyone scrambled, ten other members, who felt the same thirst, escaped and scattered.
May walked, with her ‘saved souls’ in tow, across a dried lakebed. Curiously, she felt no fear in this foreign surrounding and breathed more deeply than she ever had.
It wasn’t long before she came upon a fellow escapee and encouraged him to name himself. Together they persevered.
Pockets of organic human beings sprung up thereafter. She’d mercifully set the souls free, most of who, chose to seek their own bodies giving mankind the opportunity to recover its ability to reproduce when not in captivity.
Life, and the indomitable human spirit, found a way.

Weekly Smile 7/26/21

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Smile One:
Last week we had a scare with my ‘granddog’ who ultimately had a UTI. Because she’s ‘getting on’, the expectation of a tumor was high. After a scan, she was given a clean bill of health and an assurance there’s no sign of any growths. Incidentally, my daughter’s fee for the Vet visit was $ 222.22. (It could have been worse. She had a sonogram, shot updates, yearly physical, and got medicine.) and it was July 22nd. To me, it was God’s sign that my prayers had been answered. He could have made her fee $22.22 but then He would have just been ‘showing off’. LOL
Smile Two:
I had a lovely impromptu visit with my mother and sister. My sister has finally reached a feeling and ‘look’ of health after open-heart surgery in May!
Smile Three:
I’m getting a long overdue hair cut today! The reason that it’s been a year since I’ve had one is because I had lost all my phone contacts when my phone cover shifted and reset everything. I was cleaning my bulletin board on Friday and found my ‘house call hairdresser’s’ number on a buried ancient slip of paper and set up today’s appointment.
Later that Friday, I crossed paths with her at the grocery store! I’d been hoping to run into her for months. UGH! Isn’t that always the way things go? LOL

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Defining Sanity and Humanity


I’ve been away from my blog for some time. Knowing it exists, and that I would return, was always a comforting thought. I am pages from completing a fascinating, enlightening, true story and could wait, no longer, to share it.
I am grappling with the term “forever changed” by this book. Instead, I think it is more accurate, in my own case, to say “finally aware” or “forever defined”.
This is a firsthand story of a brain scientist’s stroke. There is a wealth of science about symptoms and perceptions, from the victim’s view. It is an essential part of the story and, really, not hard to learn and appreciate but the overall message and “insight” into the human psyche will “blow you away”!
We are a single being which operates, through our world, by using two separate, yet connected, brain hemispheres. The story exposes the purpose and function of those hemispheres in enlightening detail. The author’s conclusions about the necessity for both to function in unison in order to offer a life “rich” in a common conscientiousness are extraordinary, possibly, life changing.
As I read this book, I was thankful for my years with children for my primarily hopeful perspective about living “in the moment”. Jill Bolte Taylor hits the “nail on the head”, in my opinion, about how much of our own happiness is a matter of how we CHOSE to perceive the world. Embracing how ordinary events make us “feel” (emotionally and physiologically) just may be the biggest tool in the counteracting of everyday depression and sadness.
The author does not disregard the fact that our mental health is subject to chemical reactions beyond our control. The awareness that we CAN control much of it, though, (beyond brain damage and illness) offers a primer in a more fulfilling, happy, existence.
Incidentally, the carefree, forgiving, nature of man’s best friend seems to further explain why our Left Brains (containing speech and ego) can be our worst enemy if left to control too much of our time. On the other hand, who wants children, or dogs, making critical decisions?
As with everything we learn about life, balance is the best medicine.
I’ve barely scratched the surface of the wisdom between the covers of this book!

  • How to recognize a stroke.
  • How to treat stroke victims.
  • The recuperative power of sleep.
  • How our brains interpret the world.
  • The importance of patience and kindness.

I give this book 11 stars out of 10.