Fandango’s Story Starter #22- No Emergency Here

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This week’s Story Starter teaser is:

When I looked inside, I saw no sign of life whatsoever, except for…

a single set of shoeprints across the dusty floor ending on the far side of the eerily empty room.
A cellphone lay facedown where the shoeprints ended in front of a sliding door.
As a trained first-responder my first instinct was to assess the scene for safety then locate the person ‘in need’.
Leaning back into the hallway, I radioed the dispatcher to make sure the 911 call had come from this location. It wasn’t my job to snoop, just to rescue.

“Hey Jack! I’m at 555 Watts. It’s the brick complex that was set up for processing adverse vaccine reaction claims. Nobody’s around. Are you sure the call came from here? [over]”

“Steve, how many AVR facilities are in town? Let’s see? ONE! That caller was specific. He also sounded as though he needed immediate attention. Get back in there STAT!”

Sensing the urgency,
I stepped immediately back all the way through the doorway noticing a camera, with a flashing red light, mounted in one corner.
An intercom immediately chirped to life and a pleasant female voice spoke.

“Hello. May I help you?”

I addressed my answer to the speaker in the ceiling.

“Ah, yes ma’am. We received a 911 call from this location 10 minutes ago. Is everyone okay?”

“Oh my! Yes. That was a false alarm. We’re so sorry! A homeless man wandered in and panicked when he realized we didn’t have drugs. I had no idea he completed the call. Geez!”

“Is he here? I’d like to assess his condition. My dispatcher said he sounded ‘in need’.”

“No. He ran off when we sounded our alarm.”

“If you don’t mind, please call our station and document all that. Our company doesn’t like loose ends.”

“Will do, sweetie. Have a nice day.”

As I jotted a few notes, I watched a young man, with a cane, hobble into the building. The man disappeared immediately and shortly after that, an alarm sounded.

Emergency VS Competition

Been up most of the night with my dog. He seems to be having an allergic reaction to his antibiotics. He’s being treated for Anaplasma a Lyme Disease type of blood bacteria.

At 3:30am, he became extremely nauseous and spent an hour outdoors eating grass and vomiting. By 5:00 am, I called the animal hospital where he is a patient. The answering service said that they’d page the doctor. Minutes later, the answering service called back and said the doctor was unavailable and to call the Emergency Vet Service (stationed over 45 miles away). I did call and described his symptoms. (In between times, I had looked up canine reactions to antibiotics.Severe reactions were dangerous and could lead to anaphylactic shock and seizures,sometimes death!)

By this time, I noticed that his face was swelling! (A symptom of the worst reactions.) The emergency vet asked me to bring him in…I am without a vehicle and most likely an hour away. They then told me to find some Benadryl and to not give him any more antibiotic…yeah, I had already decided that!

To get to the point, I remembered that there was a newer pet hospital in town. By this time Ollie’s symptoms were stabilizing and my fear of him not making it to the 8:00am opening at our hospital, had faded. I looked them up online and found that they offer emergency care. HELLO! Why didn’t my hospital tell me? Could it be that the new hospital is considered competition?

I will be getting to the bottom of this at 8:00 am. If I am somehow wrong about them, I will post an explanation at the bottom of this….If I am right, there will be a scathing Letter to the Editor in our newspaper soon.

PS. Always keep Benadryl on hand!