Sunday Whirl Wordle #539- Saving Our Babies

nailing -vibrating -smells -facts -rain -leak -brushed -hesitation -body -miss -shots -cut

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Without hesitation she threw her body between the child and the oncoming speeding car. The young officer was brushed aside, as the vehicle screeched to a halt, sustaining a cut to her forehead from the sideview mirror. A possible tragic scene was altered to a ‘near miss‘ because of her quick reflexes. The facts that led her to be at this place at an exact moment to save a life would surely wake her up in the night for weeks.
A call about a possible rabid raccoon -out during the day- in the area had her roaming the quiet neighborhood alone and on foot. She’d raced to the sound of frantically barking dogs and the rest was history.
After sending the child on her way, the officer cautiously approached the driver’s side window of the errant vehicle. Perhaps the recent rain downpour had been a factor for the swerving or was the driver texting?
The window squeaked as it slowly lowered. Immediately smells of marijuana and alcohol assaulted the officer. She knew she’d be nailing this guy for something!
After wiping blood from the still leaking laceration, away from her right eye, she drew her revolver and shouted to the driver, “Get out of the vehicle with your hands where I can see them!”.
Suddenly her body was vibrating! As she dropped toward the pavement, she saw the flashes from the gun but never heard the shots. The officer was dead before she hit the ground.
The car and occupants raced away.
Before the ambulance arrived, a female raccoon rushed from nearby bushes with her rescued lost baby and disappeared down a storm drain.

Simply 6 Minutes ~ Change of Menu and Venue

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Ricky the raccoon, in spite of having an imagination impaired mother who named him, was having a good run of scavenging. His favorite bistro was the garbage can at Vera’s house.
She wasn’t only wasteful, she enjoyed high carb and fatty foods.
But that menu had suddenly changed.
It was Monday night, a time that raccoons everywhere loved. Garbage was piled highest before the Trash Day Tuesday.
To his dismay, Vera had changed her eating habits! All her garbage contained were empty mail order DIET meal containers. No chicken skin, no potato rolls, and NO donuts!
This wouldn’t do.
He waited for daylight.
And in perfect raccoon fashion, chattered his complaint as she walked to her car.
“FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, where’s the good stuff?! Have you no soul woman?!”
Vera’s new lifestyle emboldened her in many ways. Unafraid of this obviously rabid animal, she called Animal Control from her car.
Ricky escaped, just before they arrived, changing his preferred dining spot to Thursday nights at Dunkin’ Donuts.
That’s when the local Weight Watcher’s Chapter gathered after their weekly meeting!
(181 words)
{A difficult challenge to wake up to. This took me closer to 10 minutes. Next time, I’ll set a stopwatch. Should be fun!}

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Random Word Story #22-The Maine Event

A Raccoon at Cologne Zoo Français : Un Raton L...
A Raccoon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My mission is to create a story in one brief sitting from random words.

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Here’s my story:

The feud between our families had gone on since before I was born. The Helmann family and my own family, the Wells , had disputed the right-of-way adjoining our properties on the quaint and quiet Maine lake. Both occupied part of the unused parcel and had become so comfortable, that they each felt entitled to it.

In Maine, folks hang their trash cans on chains with bungee cords. This keeps the “bandits of the night“,raccoons, from dumping the contents and creating the mess that most tourists find in the morning.

On one particular morning, my father came in to our cabin all red-faced with the morning paper tucked under his arm.

“Gosh darn ’em! Merle Helmann is up to his tricks again. There’s garbage all over the car port. Tin foil everywhere!”

“Chase, why would Merle do such a thing?”  My mother always played the peacemaker.

“That trash can could not have been taken down by coons unless they have started using a parachute to get at it!”

“How do you know that Merle did it?”

“There was one of those fancy imported sardine cans in the pile…that’s how. Helmann left it as a calling card. I’ll fix him.”

Dad stormed out with his Yankee cap pulled so tight that I couldn’t see his eyes. THIS was a bad sign. Merle Helmann was a Red Sox fan.

Merle denied any messing with garbage cans and called Dad a “kook”. Dad was silent all day but went to bed with an evil grin on his face.

Very early the next  morning, I was awakened by a fist pounding on our back door. There stood Merle in his boxer shorts and Red Sox cap.

“Chase Wells…you SOB! I’m going to report you to the government! Putting garbage in a mailbox is a federal offense. I know it was you ‘cuz the JC Penny flier had your name on it!

There came a screech from the car port that same instant. At first, I thought ole Merle had finally flipped his lid.

Dad and Merle both ran wide-eyed to the scene. I remember it was funny to see them running in identical blue plaid boxers.

They found a raccoon caught in our new trellis. Dad had put it up beside the garbage can for the clematis that I’d given Mom for Mother’s Day. Our garbage can was on the ground and yesterday’s trash too.

In the excitement, the animal broke free and raced off.

Dad apologized to Merle for the misunderstanding but I know he didn’t mean it.

“Well, now we know how the raccoons beat the bungee cord. Sorry Merle. Maybe I can stake out your yard with you tonight so we can figure out how they managed to get into that mailbox.”

Children of the same Mother

This I understood

A soft whisper of a purr not unlike the hum of a ceiling fan.

One gentle touch

A hand brushes my ear, soft and supple as a tongue’s underside.

She smelled warm

Just like sunshine does when it is absorbed into a line-dried towel.

Whisper’s eyes sparkled

Dark and deep, shady pools sprinkled with the diamonds called life.

Sharing a pillow

The raccoon orphan and I slept, blanketed in safety, love and trust.


Children of the same Mother.

About 25 years ago, a childhood dream of mine came true. My husband brought a lost baby raccoon home from work. She had been stranded in an entrance to a dorm. Whisper and I bonded immediately. We slept together and I fed her from a baby bottle. She was finally placed with other orphaned youngsters to be returned to the wild. I will never forget her…( Rabies  was not common here, at that time. Our vet approved of the temporary arraignment. ) Not a wise situation for today.