WQW #42-The Mysterious Sense of Touch

Currently, this weekly writing challenge runs from Wednesday through Tuesday at noon. All you need is at least one quote to go with your post. Share photos, and/or write a poem, story, or memoir. Just have fun with it and let the quote or quotes lead the way.

Below is a photo I took of my oldest granddaughter (when she was just a toddler) while she was making friends with a wild frog at a little pond that we set up at our forest get-away location. It goes so well with the Mitch Albom quote below, I’ve nothing else to add.

If you could pack for heaven, this was how you’d do it, touching everything, taking nothing. – Mitch Albom


Blogging Insights NF 48- Hopes and Dreams

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” — Richard Bach
We’re asked to respond to the quote above.

Of course, I hope to learn how to better express myself by observing the wealth of talent in the blogosphere, but my only competition is with myself, and my staunchest critic is also me.
Bach’s quote compares two things which seem to relate to fame and fortune, or perhaps, it refers to aspiring to become notable and widely read. Those noble pursuits don’t speak for me.

My blog is a journal of my thoughts, opinions, and musings. I’m pleased when other bloggers offer their perspectives on, and connections to, my words yet my purpose is to capture a unique journal of me, and my hope is that my granddaughters one day find it interesting or (dare to dream) inspiring.
I secretly believe that all the clever bloggers who attach insightful and humorous comments, may be the BEST part of their discovery.

FYI- I wouldn’t turn down an ‘out of the blue’ lucrative publishing offer. I’m humble and content, not stupid. 😉