d’Verse Quadrille #168- Dark Ice

That brings me to our quadrille word. Ice, ice, baby!
Remember your quadrille must be exactly 44 words, not counting the title and must include ice or a form of the word.


Most treacherous slopes brandish dark ice
When naivete opens a door
There’s peril in just being nice
Most treacherous slopes brandish dark ice
Heed this scarred warrior’s advice
Learn from my tragic ‘before’
Most treacherous slopes brandish dark ice
When naivete opens a door

Form of a Triolet


d’Verse Poets Pub- Quadrille Monday- Grand New Mood

Welcome to the dVerse Poets Pub with me, Kim from Writing in North Norfolk, and another Quadrille Monday, when we take any meaning of one word and transform it into 44 poetic words.

Today we have a little word that resonates and tinkles: bell.

Grand New Mood
{A triolet quadrille}

This grand new mood is lighter.
Ring, ring, ring, the joyful bell.
Darker times got brighter.
This grand new mood is lighter.
My gifted hugs much tighter,
The grace of feeling well.
This grand new mood is lighter.
Ring, ring, ring, the joyful bell.


Quadrille #161: Staying on Track- Knowing

Here’s how to take part in the Quadrille Prompt:
• Write a 44 word poem containing the word track (or variations)
• Post your quadrille on your blog and link back to this post.
• Place the link to your post on the Mister Linky page.
• Don’t forget to check the little box to accept use/privacy policy.
• Please visit other blogs and comment on their posts! 
• Have fun!

Some travel roads
Or follow streams,
Climbing hills,
And chasing dreams.

These ‘ins’ and ‘outs’
And winding trails.
Offer many
Varied tales.

A few shake off,
This wonderment,
Of trusting kismet
Heaven sent.

They travel tracks
From A to B,
Knowing well
Their destiny.


d’Verse Quadrille #160 Poems that pack a Punch~ Such a Joke

…make sure your piece contains some form of the word punch and comes in at exactly 44 words total.

He loved correcting grammar
His eyebrows always shocked
And never missed a second
Resetting every clock.

More worthy than the next man
Such a perfect man
Oblivious to rolling eyes
Himself his only fan

He’d never ‘get’ the punchline
‘Cuz Aaron IS the joke.


d’Verse Quadrille #156- No Contest

Here’s how to join in:

  • Write a 44 word poem sans title including the word “wrap” and post it on your blog or website.
  • Enter your name and direct link to your poem in Mr. Linky.
  • Follow the links to other poets. Read, comment and come back later as the prompt is open all week.
  • Provide a link to dVerse so others can find us too.
  • Drop in to say hello in our discussion below.
  • That’s a wrap! Have fun!

  • It was MY moment of fame,
    An actor’s first claim,
    Selling a product
    And building a name.

    But the spotlight endorsed
    A child, of course,
    So, my moment of stardom
    Took a turn for the worse!

    Upstaged by innocence.
    “And that’s a wrap, folks!”


Ever More Precious

I’ve thought
my journey to be solitary;
among the many.
I’ve heard
and seen the world uniquely;
a vivid design .
I’ve felt
comfortably insignificant yet embraced;
Nature knows me.
I’ve learned
to recognize the what “is”;
not “should be”.
Love is ever more precious.

If you’re new to dVerse or the quadrille, it’s simply a poem of 44 words, excluding the title. It can be in any form, rhymed or unrhymed, metered, or unmetered. You MUST use the word “embrace” or some form of the word in your poem (not simply the title).
Quadrille 121: Let’s Embrace | dVerse (dversepoets.com)