SoCS Saturday- 5/28/22 Our Trials

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “trail/trial.” Use one, use both, use them any way you’d like. Bonus points if you use both. Have fun!

To sweep the event that has shaken all of us into an ‘isolated safe space’ as we enjoy our hard-fought freedoms with loved ones this Memorial Day Weekend, would be easier, and possibly more humane, than bringing it up but this weekend, after all, is made possible because of loss.
I’m not interested in applying a corkscrew to every broken heart with horrific details like the shameless media. I want to address how we humans have the capacity to rise above grief for an outcome that animals cannot.
The best athletes have a tool that not everyone develops. They know how to compartmentalize emotional pressures in order to bring forth their gifts and skill. We all know the phrase “they choked”. That describes any activity where a human being is overcome emotionally to the point of it affecting the ability to do his ‘best’. Hey… we all choke sometimes. We’re human.
Many folks have also developed a similar tool when it comes to critical thought and problem solving. That ability alone separates us from all other creatures. To unemotionally examine our problems, according to expansive investigation, grants us an incredible survival advantage. We need not repeat mistakes in order to learn to avoid danger.
Not every human can do this. Emotions are powerful and necessary. Our emotions actually serve us well in decision making in tandem with critical thought. We’re not robots and that’s our most crucial gift. We can figure out how to improve AND apply humanity.
I’m afraid humans have either failed to inspire critical thought skills in each new generation or our species has somehow had that ability erased from our DNA. For some reason hearts are currently ruling more often than heads. Our media surely has caught on. Tugging at heartstrings is a far better business model than investigating facts.
Those who are unable to ‘deal’ beyond emotion have become hecklers to those who care so much they want to prevent, rather than cure, troubles. News Flash: troubles almost never have a single cause nor a binary solution, yet the hecklers reduce every tragedy to that immature level. I’d wish they’d stop that!
I wonder if they actually care or just want others to see them as “those who care”?

It’s understandable if you’re numb with grief or if you feel confused and helpless but PLEASE stop demonizing everyone else awaiting factual information or blaming people who aren’t ‘the cause’ (i.e., the NRA, Republicans, the Founding Fathers…), you look foolish. Grow up or kindly just get out of the way.
Our trials desperately need critical analysis or the trail of human existence, most certainly, will be short.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
A salute to all who have perished so that we might learn, love, and thrive another day.

SoCS- “The icing on the cake”-1/22/22

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and my very first birthday-Stream-of-Consciousness-Saturday is: “icing on the cake.” Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the phrase “icing on the cake.” Enjoy!

I’ve found that it’s imperative to take, at least, short breaks from the 24/7 news cycles. The human mind and senses cannot actually process several things at once. If you’ve ever paid attention to a phone call and had your toddler destroy your living room as you do, you have a firsthand example.
There are absolutely important issues to be considered but the health and stamina, needed to address them, depends solely on us taking pauses. We actually get a chance to digest and critically assess problems by allowing our subconscious to work on them as we recharge.
Stepping away from problems also gives us a new look at them. We are more capable of seeing the Big Picture this way. Have you ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle and found yourself stumped only to walk away for a while and return finding it to be amazingly simpler? I think that shows us the value in a diverse daily routine. We’re more efficient when we dabble.
So, in this overwhelming time when we’re barraged with information, I hope we all can find our “icing on the cake” in our moments with family, friends, and pets. The “good stuff” arms us for intellectual battles best and, nowadays, we certainly need to remain sharp.
Happy Saturday Everyone!

Let’s Investigate- Just a few Thoughts

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Correlation is a relationship between two variables; when one variable changes, the other variable also changes. Causation is when there is a real-world explanation for why this is logically happening; it implies a cause and effect. So: causation is correlation with a reason.

There you have it.
A definition for the troubles afflicting our society.

The final word ‘reason’. Is a heavy one. It’s something a person ‘does’, as well as, the decided culprit or impetus for a result.
“I reasoned that the reason/cause for my lateness to work was the heavy traffic.”

But, can anything be honestly boiled down to a single cause? Well, reasoning further, takes effort and time. We humans tend to grab the closest correlation then carry on with our busy lives.

An investigation, that is, an intellectually honest one (not the political clown shows we’ve been seeing) might come up with other correlations to the the same problem of being late for work. Sometimes there are so many that a direct ’cause’ isn’t clear. Let’s take a look…

Things the person who was late for work might ask:

Was I up later than usual last night and, therefore, moving more slowly this morning?
Did I respond to my alarm clock the first time?
Had I laid, or should I have, laid out my clothes and made my lunch last night?
Had I forgotten it was a long weekend and the traffic was predictably heavier?
Etc. Etc. Etc.

The heavy traffic may have had less to do as a ’cause’ than the person thinks?
But, certainly, blaming the heavy traffic was something tangible and easier to concluded. It was so easy that ‘being late’ could be excused and forgotten.

When it comes down to it, there are few problems that can be reduced to a single ’cause’. I can’t even imagine one off hand. But in our modern fast paced world people need answers! The simpler the better. This has reduced us to constantly grasping ‘correlations’ as ’causes’.

It would be delightful if problems had clearly defined causes. We’d adjust or eliminate the cause and “voila!”… problem solved.

“Make abortion more accessible, and we’ll have fewer struggling single mothers.”
“Trump caused middle class people to complain. Get rid of him and everyone will get along.” (Hmm… I think they mean ‘go along’?)
“Open our borders and the World’s poor will be better off.”
“Spend more money on inner city schools, and those kids will be able to compete.”

You get my drift (and my political leaning) by now. So, is there something wrong with my reasoning, or is my voting record the ’cause’ of this post?

You decide, if you’re not too busy to investigate.