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Unanswered Question: Why would President Biden want to destroy our country?

I’m perplexed by the ‘otherwise intelligent’ people that I know who can’t or won’t wrap their heads around the purposeful active destruction of our country.
I accept the claim that I may think ‘too much’ about this specific topic but there are an awfully large group who IMHO think ‘too little’ on it too.
The first question from them is, “Why would President Biden want to destroy America?”. That seems a harsh claim on its surface which most people don’t even want to consider. The better question would be, “Why isn’t he virtuously and vigorously protecting our country?”.
There’s no A to B single commitment to destroy America by President Biden. We need to examine the BIG picture. (Something I’ve decided that many people are incapable of ‘seeing’.) The most powerful and richest people greatly influencing our current destruction are motivated by an interest in eliminating the entire Western World (globalists). Marxists, Anarchists, and Foreign Enemies absolutely enjoy the direction we’re headed in and nudge us covertly toward it using their influence on powerful individuals. But our leadership are just tools in it.
Get real. President Biden isn’t managing one thing. [Let’s get that out of the way.] There are ‘groups’ of people pushing a sweet-sounding agenda who are talking in his ear and writing his words. Some are evilly corrupt, and others are well paid and rewarded for going along- so they’re the highly useful self-serving.
I think that those who can’t imagine that there’s an element in people who default to “what’s best for them” even if it may hurt others, haven’t paid full attention lately. The “greater good” left the building years ago. Lifelong political players are more superficially focused than most ordinary people. Their personal emphasis is on appearances, getting re-elected, and their own status and it’s their whole life. (This is why term limits on political positions are desperately needed.) The system itself corrupts. For those who have no values to begin with, the corrupting effect is nearly immediate. Favors, money, power, and attention were probably their motivation to become politicians in the first place.

We all have heard of “mob psychology”. It usually dilutes the principles of individuals in favor of a group outcome. [Not every individual has principles, either. Those types are extra useful.]

Why would a boardroom of people at Pfizer impose a ‘vaccine’ with real safety issues on the public while withholding warnings?
Why would people who were basically law-abiding rush a border and break into a country?
Why would “mostly peaceful” protestors start vandalizing a city?
Why would the teaching profession implement harmful topics for use on children even when most know better?

It’s a mob mentality that rewards compliance and destroys those who don’t comply. The individuals in each situation can absolve themselves of responsibility and guilt because they feel powerless alone. It really wasn’t ‘up to them’. They can ‘go along’ and get self-serving perks or get destroyed and suffer. Have I mentioned that the virtue of “courage” has also gone the way of “the greater good” and “principles”? The label of “snowflakes” isn’t just about a certain type of person’s sensitive feelings. To be blunt, they are primarily ‘”gutless cowards”. They attack people in groups or from the anonymity of the internet. They tear down inanimate statues for attention. They ask for “safe spaces” and cry and complain about imaginary ‘oppressive forces’ too.
So, why is President Biden purposefully destroying America? He isn’t. The cowardly and unprincipled mobs of influential people are. Unfortunately, many of them currently run our country.

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Simply 6-Minutes 3/7/23 Evil Cloaks Itself in Beauty

In only 6 minutes we must use the image below to inspire a story.

Son: ” Dad, we’re doing a new unit about ‘serial killers’ at school. I was surprised that Ted Bundy didn’t look at all like a ‘monster’.”

Dad: “That’s the same revelation that I had when I first saw him in the news. That observation opened my eyes to ‘how evil works’ in our world. It, more often than not, appeals to people’s ‘better natures’ and cons them into doing its bidding. Far more harm and destruction has come from people convinced that they were doing something ‘noble’ and ‘good’ than ugly barbarians. An interruption to common sense and logic comes ‘gift wrapped’ in a pretty promise that people may have an opportunity to ‘show off’ their virtuousness. Bundy was good looking and likeable, so he wasn’t easily suspected of “evil” which gave him more opportunities to use it.

Son: OMG…That sounds like the same way people pick which politicians they vote for!

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RDP Friday-Waxy- 2/18/22 -Always Buy Locally

Welcome to RDP Friday- I’ve chosen a soft and simple word for you to have fun with-

Today’s RDP is  WAXY.

The candle vendor at the Farmer’s Market gave off odd ‘vibes’. She smiled too much, and her words were ‘waxy’ and insincere.

“These candles were made in my own kitchen by my grandmother.”

“They are lovely. Those pressed flowers decorating those jars, did you collect them yourself?”

“Oh, my grandchildren collected each one! It’s important to give children chores, don’t you agree?”


“We have goat milk soaps across the way at my daughter’s table too. They’re going fast! We didn’t raise the price even though inflation is after us all. What a terrible state of affairs. Don’t you agree?”


“I have some ideas to change horrible policies in our schools and bring back prosperity to our town. Here’s my card, I’m running for the Planning and Zoning Board. We need new ideas, don’t you agree?”

Now her mannequin appearance and speech all made sense! She was a politician. She went on to tell me that she’d moved her family from the Capital City hoping to enact changes in ‘backward’ areas.
Ugh! I knew I smelled a condescending ‘Progressive Cancer’ carrier. Our town was becoming overrun with them these days.

After accepting her card and purchasing a pricy candle, I returned to my car. When I laid the candle on the seat, I noticed a tiny label. It read, Product of China.
I tossed the business card immediately in my trash and all I could do was sigh.

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I’m reblogging an interesting post with a sound message.

Reporters with various forms of “fake news” from an 1894 illustration by Frederick Burr Opper (from Fake new.s – Wikipedia) A an easy riddle. Riddle: How does one lie without rest? Answer: One tells a falsehood. Isaiah put it this way. Isaiah 57:20-21 New American Standard Bible 20 But the wicked are like the tossing sea, For it […]

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If I Could Invent Anything…true colors.

Smiles would no longer deceive us.

I would call it an Auralizer.

It would be a tiny pin worn by everyone. This device would give off a glow (aura) that mirrored the wearer’s true spirit. From then on, we would only judge people according to their inner beauty. Intentions would speak louder than smiles.

People would no longer fear choosing the wrong words. Political correctness would be obsolete.

First experimental application would be on politicians…

*Nudists are on their own!

(Wonder how they know what the women are thinking?)

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