d’Verse Prosery~ Farmer Foster


  • Write a piece of flash fiction or other prose up of up to or exactly 144 words,
  • Including the given line from the poem.
  • Post your Prosery piece on your blog and link back to this post.
    The quote below must be included.

“Only mouths are we. Who sings the distant heart which safely exists in the center of all things? – from Rainer Maria Rilke, “Heartbeat.”

A no nonsense farmer wanted room to manipulate his wheelchair so he had his grandson take down a wall in the center of his old house.
The farmhouse was in the same location for over 200 years, and had a lot of issues, but one of them had never been ghosts.
As soon as the wall was removed, Foster started hearing mumbling near his ears when he ate his supper.
He was annoyed but ignored it.
Then there came breathy words as he ate…

“Only mouths are we. Who sings the distant heart which safely exists in the center of all things?”

The old fella wasn’t afraid one bit but now his dander was up!

“I don’t know ’bout your dag gum MOUTHS but you had BETTER shut your ‘arses’ THE HELL UP!”

Foster never had a ghost problem again, from that moment on.

(144 words)

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dVerse Poets Pub~ Exploring the Narrative

The challenge is to write a poem in the voice of a fictional character. It can be any character you like, and you can introduce it in your own voice if you choose (à la Coleridge, though I certainly wouldn’t insist on this) but the main body of the poem must be in the voice of your character.

Life Interrupted

It was hoped-expected- that sons out-live their fathers .
The flashing red lights blinked a desperate scene;
A medic kneeling with trembling hands beside a victim.
On the lawn, lay a young man unresponsive, serene.

“Narcan administered. Checking for the pulse.”
A tsunami of regrets dripping from my chin,
“Danny, wake up! Do it now! It’s Dad.”
I must be professional… panic must not win.

“When had Danny given up?” my brain implored.
“My fault? My fault!” a guardian guilt searched.
A young man gurgled a faint response… one cough.
“Got a pulse!” and the body insulted- disturbed- lurched.

“He’s back.” hands wiping tears, “I’m ready.”
Our chance, a grace of future, better choices.
We lifted the stretcher with my boy, my lucky son,
This out-of-body witness to cataclysmic voices.

Could I muffle the drumbeat defiling manhood,
Unnatural messages invading the viable you?
I would sweep them from a culture proposing
Your value has a color, and shame, this I’d undo!

Good folks, yes many, hold wreckage from nihilism.
Ravaged nests with too many ghosts of innocent ones.
” You’re okay, Dan Man.” the strong, crumbling, EMT whispers,
All fathers refuse to out-live their sons.

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d’Verse Poets Pub- Winter

Winter is a silent mysterious stranger.
A man who knows nothing- but has shining eyes-
Crystals of frozen secrets.
He grasps where everything’s buried.

Tightly held in whirling frigid air
The colors he robs -in an icy fingered fist-
Cleverly purloined hues – one great pause.
No remorse in the conqueror.

Or perhaps, she’s a tender woman
Rocking her babes- against her bosom-
A dormant slumber- caressed by shushing breaths-
Bundled and held precious.

Soft lips blowing out the light.
Quieting the night- pristine whiteness-
Winter’s loving embrace -twinkling frosty hopes-
A guardian of her tomorrows.

He stands in the shadows.
She never speaks.
Both or neither,
It’s not for us to know.

Inspired by:
Wallace Stevens’ The Snow Man
Poetics: Beyond Meaning or The Resolution of Opposites | dVerse (dversepoets.com)