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City or Country?

Thank god I’m a country girl!

Old Barn

I am a country mouse.

It suits me fine.

The still of night.

New England mine.

The sounds of birds.

My hands in dirt.

An early riser.

A flannel shirt.

Trade deeds as money.

Lend a hand.

Get to study

Nature’s plan.

Simply frugal.

Fussy not.

I am thankful

For all I’ve got.

Winter blizzards.

No beauty queen.

Even tempered.

I say what I mean.

Don’t take my guns.

You keep your bling.

My happy heart’s

My diamond ring.

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Remembering Dreams

Bizarre they are!


Oh my yes!

My most recent odd dream just could be the seed for a Sci-fi/Thriller:

I was in the forest when I noticed a young black bear. I had no fear at all but warned a crowd of strangers to beware of the strength of a young wild beast.

Next thing I knew, someone had captured it and had shaved it completely to pink skin. They now convinced everyone that it was a human child. Even, I ,was unable to discern if it was a child but was convinced it was still a bear. I felt along the lower spine and discovered an extended naked tail bone…I was right, but no one would listen. I felt an ominous anxiety enough to wake me from the dream…


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In a Former Life

Truly Happy

Dolphin Jump

I’ve always imagined that I would be a dolphin. Their existence has nothing to do with “things” but has everything to do with family and fun. To move through the world with such grace and so few worries would be paradise.

From what we know of them, I’d have a logical, inquisitive mind and an understanding of life itself. I believe they have a language and, in many ways, are kinder neighbors and better parents than humans.

No one would care about appearances…natural selection would have kept illnesses of all kinds to a minimum and issues like abortion, medical insurance and pensions would have no meaning.

I believe that dolphins can feel sadness, therefore, I believe joy is also a part of their life.

Yes, I would hope that in the eyes of Karma, being a dolphin would be a higher step to enlightenment and ultimate peace.

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When I'm Happiest

Warm and Cozy with Family

I am happiest when late Fall turns to winter at our camp.

My husband and I camp together with my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter in the addition my husband added to their camp. It contains a wood stove and we huddle together in our favorite place near a fire. There are few chores, since lawn mowing is no longer necessary, and much time for talking, playing games and drinking hot cocoa.

A light snow makes the event superb in our forest retreat!

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A Historical Event I'd Time Travel To

One short time of true inspiration!

The Lily Pond :: Original Impressionist Art Painting

The temptation to try to change an event, such as warning the Titanic about icebergs ,would be great. I feel that things happened and they should not be undone because the course of history is what it is.

After watching the A&E series: The Impressionists/The Other French Revolution, over and over and….I really wish that I had been a “fly on the wall” at gatherings which led to the birth of French Impressionist Art and the movement to shake up the traditional art world of the late 19th century.

Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Camille Pizzaro, Alfred Sisley, and Edgar Degas often met at the home of the, soon to be, famous Berthe Morisot. They’d have dinner and discuss their passion for capturing a moment on a canvas.

In Paris, April 15th to May 15th, 1874 these brilliant artists changed the way we would enjoy paintings forever. I cannot image the gatherings of these courageous artisans as NOT being historic events of epic proportion.

Berthe Morisot was welcomed into the fold of male Impressionists as an equal. Certainly, the acceptance of a woman artist, in THAT time, was extraordinary. These people found each other, formed a group of mutual support and took on the establishment. Gosh, I’d love to have witnessed that!

You may want to find the A&E series on DVD and experience it for yourself!

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My Favorite Month…My Favorite Place

See you in September…

“I puzzled and puzzled ’til my puzzler was sore.”

I always proclaim that June and September are my favorite months because those months usually have my idea of perfect weather. After having to come up with a favorite month, I realized that I (almost)couldn’t. They all have special traits and I love them for what they are. Holidays,activities,birthdays,playing in the snow,seeing the first crocus, how could anyone choose?

What I DO choose is to spend them all in the Northeastern US…rich in US history, Yankee ingenuity, and seasons.

My choice is September.

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Fortune Telling

Hey! Someone must be looking over my shoulder!

Library books.

Just yesterday, I had a fortune cookie and I was thinking how lame the fortunes are! Of course, if they weren’t vague and obviously, just for fun, there would be lawsuits.

Imagine you are sitting in a restaurant alone one evening. You crack open the delightful meal-ending treat and it says, “The people at the next table suspect you of a terrible crime.”

You glance quickly around the room meeting the eye of a man in an odd green plaid blazer. He grins and nods knowingly. OH NO! He knows!

It wasn’t your fault, it happened years ago!

But, how could he know? “I was sure that I was alone!” , you whisper under your breath.

The following months are spent looking over your shoulder and loitering at the entrances of dry cleaners… watching and waiting, hoping to spot that sickening green plaid blazer. THEN, when you find it, you’ll casually look for the man’s name and address while studying the price lists on the counter. Yes, it was a great plan. You can go to his home and reason with him,plead with him! That MAN…he’s been stalking you every night in your dreams! Your eyes are swollen from the lack of sleep. The perimeter of your eye sight is fuzzy and the fact that you have not changed your clothes since that chance encounter makes you really smelly!

Suddenly you are watching your reflection waving to you below the pier. How? When? Nothing matters anymore as you smile a “grinchly” grin at your visage which returns it, then disappears as you race toward the water, head first, shouting,” The book was only two days overdue!”*

* No one was harmed in the creation of this tale. You turn out to be a professional high diver who comes to his/her senses after a refreshing “dip”, and pays the library fine by donating your time to reading for children every other Tuesday.

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