Random Word Story #18~A Story for Kids

Random words generated by creativitygames.net.

cucumber-01 (Photo credit: geirf)

My task is to create a story, in one sitting, using randomly generated words.

My words are:... moss…attack…spike…anchor…pirate…cucumber

Here is my story:

Spike grew redder with anger. His attempt to move across the Bay had been foiled again! An anchor, from an ancient pirate ship, was blocking his forward progress.

Now what?

His mother had always whispered, “Slow and steady, slow and steady.”, to him. He had no choice but to move slowly! He was just a sea cucumber after all.

“Great crumbling hull! ” he shouted in frustration. He was glad that his mother could not hear him resorting to foul language but if he didn’t release some anger he felt he’d burst.

“Yeah, chum THAT you old creepy anchor!”

There was nothing to do but take the long way around. Heck, every way is the long way when you’re a sea cucumber.

Mother had stayed right where she grew up, in a small depression where all her family had grown. Not Spike. He had ambition. He wanted to see the world if only one inch at a time.

“I have better things to do than be depressed with my whole family. They can kiss my moss!”

So on he went. It had taken him a week to move this far.

He enjoyed where he was now. Just one cucumber in a strange new universe.

“Pssst! Yo dude!” A tiny blue crab was peeking from under a white scallop shell.

“What do you want?” Spike snipped.

“If I were you I’d turn around, stop all that complaining and cussing and go home. You’re not very bright for such a colorful creature. You stick out like a clam in a coral reef!  There’s safety in numbers. When the migrating squid come through and attack you, I ‘ll bet you’ll wish to be back home. Dumb cucumbers are their favorite dish!”

“Who do you think YOU are telling me what to do?”

The crab raised both arms. One held a beautiful large claw. The other was just a stub.

“The voice of experience and reason. THAT’S who.”

It took Spike 10 days to return from whence he came. On the eleventh day, he watched the squid migration overhead. He didn’t stand out any more but that fact was a good thing.

Random Word Story #4- The Nancy Gayle


Random words generated at http://www.creativitygames.net/

My story:

The old foghorn hadn’t sounded an alarm since he’d been a small boy. Dustin sprang from his bed. His feet barely touched the floor as he crossed the room to his attic window. Outside ,beyond the widow walk, he could view the entire bay. His ship was is plain sight and was nestled safely where he’d moored her the night before.

On the horizon was a dark cloud. He could see the Maritime Shop on the point but, beyond that, there was nothing but smoke , as thick as, home-churned butter. His stomach tightened…It’s the Nancy Gayle he whispered.

It took him only seconds to slip on his clothes. His Uncle’s old battered yellow slicker brushed his hand as he reached for his jacket. This stirred memories that flashed like lighting, in and out, of his mind…

He was sitting at the table in his mother’s kitchen. He’d just turned eight and was finally old enough to go out fishing but ,this time, he had the chicken pox. Cripes sake!  He’d recovered long before the two weeks was over and had spent all his time just looking out toward open seas beyond the harbor. Uncle Dave entered the kitchen. That yellow slicker was new and bright.

” I have a surprise for you, Dusty. C’mon down to the pier soons  you’re dressed.”

The next flash…he was beholding the Nancy Gayle for the very first time. What a beautiful lady she was! Pristine, shiny oak untarnished, yet, by the mighty ocean with her salty spittle.

Kaboom! An explosion woke him from his memory. The horizon cloud was turning blacker. Just as he shot out the door, he leaned back and grabbed the slicker.

“I’m comin’ Uncle Dave. Hang on…”