d’Verse Quadrille #168- Dark Ice

That brings me to our quadrille word. Ice, ice, baby!
Remember your quadrille must be exactly 44 words, not counting the title and must include ice or a form of the word.


Most treacherous slopes brandish dark ice
When naivete opens a door
There’s peril in just being nice
Most treacherous slopes brandish dark ice
Heed this scarred warrior’s advice
Learn from my tragic ‘before’
Most treacherous slopes brandish dark ice
When naivete opens a door

Form of a Triolet


Six Sentence Story- Nice Guy Finished First


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Guy always just wanted to be NICE because being nice made him feel good and making people smile was such a wonderful byproduct too.

“Nice” is one of those words that everyone knows but can mean just about anything, such as, polite, kind, thoughtful, pleasant, nonconfrontational, happy-go-lucky, agreeable, telling people what they want to hear, caring, etc.

Well Guy’s life started taking an unpleasant turn when the family dog wouldn’t ever come to him, his kids disrespected him, and his boss overlooked him for promotion on multiple occasions, so he went to a therapist as a terribly depressed man.

The therapist shouted at Guy to stop being a ‘doormat’ for everyone to walk on and the net benefit would be more confidence, more respect, and more leadership skills which are unequivocally necessary for a competent life.

Guy was terribly rattled by the therapist’s tone, and rude suggestion that he was a weakling, but he thanked him just the same vowing internally NOT to stop being ‘nice’ because no one would ever be able to say that HE ruined their day.

Within a year, Guy was separated from his wife, two of his kids were in jail, he was dismissed from his job with no explanation, and his dog ran off, but he held firm to being ‘nice’ and finally succeeded as a political candidate-the one endeavor where only being ‘Nice Guy’ made it possible to finish first.

Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt! – GirlieOnTheEdge’s Blog (wordpress.com)

Only strength can cooperate. Weakness can only beg. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

Bunk and Positive Reinforcement: I need a vacation!

It’s two days before my summer vacation. I’ve been doing child day care since 1975 and my 56-year-old self is tattered and tired. The release of kids from school has added a new dynamic to my daily schedule. Big and little kids are battling for their place in the group. I’d like to say that I have everything under control and all’s well. It’s not.

My first instinct is to devise a chart for my current charges to accumulate “stars” upon. You know, those same charts that parents use for positive reinforcement. They would earn stars for “good” behavior. Accumulating a predetermined amount would allow the little cherubs to turn them in for prizes. BUNK! This whole philosophy seems wrong.

What is the overall complaint about our modern society? No one seems to fear nor anticipate consequences for their bad behavior. Kids are not exempt from this. All this happy, Barney the Dinosaur, atmosphere makes me ill. I couldn’t put my finger on why it bothered me until I considered a chart system that I believe may have better results.

The positive reinforcement Star Chart system is flawed when you consider that the whole premise is based upon the kids being considered already “naughty”. The kids have to work their way UP.  That seems as though our expectations are low for them from the “get go”. I’d rather assume they are good and “nip” the bad behavior when it happens.

My system, which I will implement right after vacation, will expect the kids to know their manners and will reduce their “stars” upon each and every infraction. They will START with 10 stars. Screeching and bickering (for example) will result in an automatic loss of a star. The consequence will therefore happen in that moment. Stars can be earned for kind and mannerly behavior of an exceptional nature too. At the end of the week, those who have a 7 star, or better, average will receive a prize. The kids, who have been schooled with the first star chart, adopt an, “I’ll just make it up later.” attitude or “It’s only Monday. Why worry?”

When you consider the way a mother wolf teaches her pups, my chart is more natural. The wolf mother reprimands her young immediately. This lesson lasts longer. We can learn so very much from animal parents.

My method will be using punishment that is immediate. Yes, punishment. Our society has attached such a bad “taste” to the word or if you’d rather, consequences. I think my method may have good results.

Ever ask yourself how folks without jobs afford tattoos, cell phones and jewelry? I suspect it is because the “check” is in the mail and therefore their “star chart” remains perpetually full.

On one more note, I wonder sometimes when I stopped being an authority figure and became a waitress. Seems the kids play happily until they find me idle then demands for snack time etc. start. I know I’ve created this environment. Heck, their parents love happy, indulged, little people at day’s end. My livelihood is based upon the happy parent. I’m too old to tread lightly and submissively any more. If the kids go home and complain about my rules…so be it.

Vacation time is beckoning, don’t you think? 🙂