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Weekly Smile 5/31/21~ Impromptu Movie Night


This Memorial Day Weekend was a weather washout for camping at our forest retreat.
My daughter’s family did slip in some time on Friday but we (Grandma and Pepe) stayed home.
The family decided, midday on Saturday, to pack up and come home.
My youngest granddaughter (age 8) was terribly unhappy so I offered her a sleepover with Grandma.
We got all cozy, made popcorn, and chose a movie to watch.
Neither of us had seen the movie and ended up having a fun time!
The trailer is posted below.
The final segment, featuring Billy Crystal, of the trailer was the most quotable ‘funny’ that my granddaughter loved.
She repeated it several times and it was her first comment to her Mom the next morning.
My daughter and I think Evelyn is ready to watch The Princess Bride.
Her humor ‘meter’ has matured to the perfect level.
I’m amused anticipating Evelyn quoting “Anybody want a peanut?” for days.
We had the best time on Saturday night. When life ‘zigged’ we decided to ‘zag’.
(Since Billy Crystal is also in The Princess Bride, perhaps Evelyn will be repeating, “Might as well give me a paper cut and pour lemon juice on it.” too. lol)

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Classic Comedy~ Spaceballs


If you are a sci-fi fan,there’s a good chance that Spaceballs is a comedy favorite in your library. This Mel Brooks classic is a personal favorite and one of the most, campfire-side chat, quotable films likely to produce “spit takes” while sipping on beer. If you enjoy “spoofdom”, this is a must see. Rick Moranis is hilarious but the cast also includes, the immortal, John Candy. This movie is not for children because it contains some adult language and humor. I’ll let the sampling of scenes, below, speak for themselves.

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My Most Quotable Movies

I could go ON and On…


Jurassic Park


“Then there you have it. Life finds a way.”

“Scientists were so concerned with whether they COULD they never considered whether they SHOULD.”

“I guess we’ll have to evolve.”

“Will THAT be on the tour?”

” If the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down they don’t eat the visitors.”

“Is it heavy?… Then it’s expensive. Put it down.”

“I’m always looking for the next ex-Mrs. Malcolm.”

“Clever girl…”

“No wonder your kind is extinct. When I come back down I’m going to run you over.”

“Well, we’re back in the car again.”

“The only one on my side is the blood-sucking lawyer.”

“When she looks at you, you can tell she’s working things out.”

Chaos Theory…

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The Movie That Moved Me

It’s about stones…

If you still have vivid memories of college?

If you believe rules need to be broken, now and then?

If you believe there is a value in every life?

…you will enjoy With Honors (1994).

This movie reinforced my belief that there is value in us all and it is not from our titles and accomplishments that we grow. Who we are and the values we treasure influence how we treat each other.

The character played by Joe Pesci was an endearing fellow.

His wacky view of this world mimicked my own when it came to stones.

I enthusiastically recommend this film!

You’ll laugh and cry and feel good all over!

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The Scariest Moment Came When

Getting SO involved in a movie!

She was up past her bedtime. Her parents had gone out on a rare get-together with friends and had left her to babysit for her siblings.

Susan was almost 14 and alone in the den with the late show.

The Skull was on. A story about the skull of Marquis de Sade which roamed around killing people! The den was dark and the 14 year old sat on the edge of her chair near the corner table.

~Creepy harpsichord music~

The plot thickened…the skull floated across the library in search of a new victim.

~goose bumps on her arms~

Susan became aware of the grasp the film had upon her and flirted with the idea of turning on a light. She pulled the afghan over her shoulders.

The light switch seemed a bit too far across an unlit sanctum…

The skull floats toward the screen…it was getting larger and it’s eye sockets were glowing…when suddenly!

Her cat jumps upon that corner table knocking over her drink and it crashed to the floor!

Susan’s feet did not even touch the floor…light on …TV off…no more late shows for quite some time!

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