Making Memories on the Computer

In 2007, I sat down at a computer for the first time. With very little experience, I embarked on an enlightening and creative journey that changed my life. I didn’t even know how to press “enter” to skip to the next line of text but was determined to learn about this contraption.

I started in MySpace and became familiar with methods like “copy and paste”. I learned that a right-click on the mouse offered options and sampled them. Soon I was browsing sites and looking for ideas. I found Yahoo Answers and asked very ridiculously basic questions that most folks politely answered. One was, “How does one make those short films with titles?”. It was there that I was told about “Movie Maker” within my own computer.
I played for many “all nighters” and learned tricks that I could apply to other computer uses. I found sites like ONETRUEMEDIA where I was coached in basic film making. If you’ve never tried it, I know you’ll like it.

Armed with a Kodak digital camera, I made my first film on my movie maker.

My First Film

(After following this link, you are welcome to sample other keepsake films made by grandma/sillyfrog.)
Talk about perfect timing! I had a two-year old granddaughter who went on to star in my films. My beloved pet, Ollie, shares that stage.
My daughter has announced that I will become a grandma for the second time near Katherine’s 7th birthday. Wow, there will be another star for my films!