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Eugi’s Causerie Weekly Prompt- Flutter

Myrtle and Persimmon
Well known to ‘tip a few’.
Myrtle sipped on wine all day,
Persimmon Mt. Dew.

Their temperments were solid.
All folks knew ’bout their ways.
Myrtle mellow as monk,
Perr hadn’t slept in days.

But, while sipping their refreshment,
The glasses got confused,
The tales of that one party,
Making headline news!

Myrtle jumped the fence and ran,
Persimmon lost her stutter,
Scientists reviewed the change,
Their finding caused a flutter.

Experts called a conference,
There was a grand reveal,
Suspect a new corona strain,
That vaccines couldn’t heal!

Panic swept the city,
The virus scare was back.
‘Til Perry popped three bottle corks,
And Myrtle drank a pack.

The doctor served as witness,
It all was just a scare,
But , for the sake of caution,
Five masks are now worn there.

The moral of this story;
Always check your cup.
And media sensation?
Don’t ever drink that up!

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Flutter – April 29, 2021 – Eugi’s Causerie (

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Fenton Fallworthy

Fenton Fallworthy was a scarecrow.

So he hung around, had no place to go.

Liked to imagine he was scary indeed.

Yet all the birds kept eating his seed.

Then he made the angriest face of all.

A scarier one, I cannot recall.

It did not work. They would not flee.

They laughed from top the apple tree.

He waved his legs when breezes blew.

One stormy day, he lost his shoe.

What a nightmare was his job.

It wasn’t right that he got robbed.

Then he tried a brand new style.

He wore the biggest, brightest smile.

The crows were rattled, wondered why?

They didn’t trust this happy guy.

“A trick must be upon his mind.”

“Let’s go along, a new place find.”

He giggled ’til his straw poked out.

“Worried birds don’t hang about.”

If you find some trouble, we all do.

A cunning smile may work for you.

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I Double Doubt it!

If your friend says she’s an astronaut

Has been to outer space,

If your cousin ate NO cookies

yet has chocolate on his face.

If things just seem peculiar

And you don’t know what to do?

I’d say,”I double doubt it.”, if I were you.


A neighbor may pretend to know

The way things ought to be.

Your Mom describes the dinner fish

As chicken from the sea.

If things seem quite extraordinary

As well as, far from true,

I’d say,”I double doubt it.”, if I were you.


Pegasus and Dumbo can fly

In make-believe.

Magicians often have some tricks

Hidden up their sleeve.

If someone says, “Jump off this bridge

and I will follow too.”

I’d say, “I double doubt it,

Now, after you!”

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What do you do?

You can not win with the contramong.

You say it’s right and it says you’re wrong.

It argues with everyone all day long.

I don’t want to be a contramong.


You’ll always win with a totalree.

You’ll say it’s wrong and it will agree.

It always is what you want it to be.

I would be bored if I were she.


You’ll never go wrong if you act like you.

It’s the easiest thing you’ll ever do.

You’ll always know what’s right and true

   You’re sure to shine when you do what YOU do.

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Refresh the air

Refresh your page

Refresh your pool

Refresh your age

Refresh your act

Refresh your mood

Refresh your heart

And attitude.

Refresh a smile

Refresh your soul

Refreshing find

A brand new goal.

Refresh your views

Refresh your breath,

‘Cuz going stale

Is worse than death.

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A Little Bit Strange

Charity bit Jenny

Jenny bit a bug

The bug bit Susie

Then hid underneath the rug

Susie bit Jasper

Who sat upon a stool

The stool tipped over

Kept Jasper after school

Jasper bit his dog

Who blamed it on the cat

The cat bit our neighbor

Who believed it was a bat

The neighbor called the MD

The MD didn’t care

Then the neighbor bit the postman

On the derriere.

The postman went crazy

(we know they often do)

Bit a passing hobo

Who bit a bird or two

The birds bit an elephant

Who took it quite to heart

Now that you are listening

Here’s the funny part

The elephant bit a kid

Who was visiting the zoo

The police were called

And took an interview

The questioning went on

‘Til they solved the crime

Now Charity’s in shackles

Doing lots of time

The moral of this story

We’ll remember from this day

A little bit of Charity

Goes a long,long way!