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RDP Monday: Splendid- According to Taste

Happy Monday!!

The word for today is SPLENDID.

Create a post using this prompt. Photos, Artwork, Poetry, Short Story…the options are limitless and then link to this page. Please tag your post “RDP” and “Ragtag Daily Prompt”. Finally, don’t forget to read all the other wonderful posts.

Amos, the mad scientist, rubbed his hands as he viewed his newest creation.

A time traveling mirror-image version of himself stood before him blinking. He’d made a raw sculpture according to a vivid dream he’d had. It had been unforgettably vivid in its specific detail. Then he’d taken the mannequin-like “person” to the nearby castle and applied the electrodes and digital time piece as he’d felt overwhelmingly compelled to do.

Last night’s thunderstorm was the last prophecy that his dream had provided, and now, he stood before a masterpiece of extraordinary scientific significance. The rough prototype had miraculously taken on a perfect likeness to himself and was ALIVE!

“Where are you from?” Amos asked the being.

The faux Amos just starred deeply into his eyes and sighed.

Amos then shouted at the creature. “I command you to speak!”

The alien then smiled wickedly and swallowed Amos whole.
It licked its lips and staggered to an ancient, cracked wall mirror.

As the outer castle door closed, a dark figure stretched its arms in the early morning sunshine and started following the path toward town.
A farmer delivering milk from his wagon waved at it and called out a greeting.

“Good morning, Amos! How are ya today?”

After swallowing the farmer, Amos 2.0 finally found his voice.

“I’m just splendid and so were you.”

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Simply 6-Minutes 3/7/23 Evil Cloaks Itself in Beauty

In only 6 minutes we must use the image below to inspire a story.

Son: ” Dad, we’re doing a new unit about ‘serial killers’ at school. I was surprised that Ted Bundy didn’t look at all like a ‘monster’.”

Dad: “That’s the same revelation that I had when I first saw him in the news. That observation opened my eyes to ‘how evil works’ in our world. It, more often than not, appeals to people’s ‘better natures’ and cons them into doing its bidding. Far more harm and destruction has come from people convinced that they were doing something ‘noble’ and ‘good’ than ugly barbarians. An interruption to common sense and logic comes ‘gift wrapped’ in a pretty promise that people may have an opportunity to ‘show off’ their virtuousness. Bundy was good looking and likeable, so he wasn’t easily suspected of “evil” which gave him more opportunities to use it.

Son: OMG…That sounds like the same way people pick which politicians they vote for!