Fandango’s One Word Challenge 4/22/21

Today’s word is “monotonous.”


She got up, grabbed a coffee, and turned on the news. The trending topics were partisanship, racism, climate change, and equity.
Sophie remembered her grandmother watching daily soap operas. She could visit Grandma twice a month, and her ‘stories’ never changed.
The same cast, the same troubles, and the same solutions.
But, soap operas ran, at most, for an hour and took weekends off.
The ‘news’ was becoming even more monotonous.
She switched off the TV and went outdoors, talked with her neighbors, and reflected on her own opinions.
Perhaps, she’d volunteer, write a letter, or cook a new recipe?
The possibilities were endless.

When she tuned into the News the following week, she found nothing had changed.
Soap operas were never going make sense to her.

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