Where’s the Crisis?

There’s an awful lot of angst and money being invested in a perceived “Climate Crisis”. To be sure, the Earth’s climate is changing but calling it an ‘existential crisis’ seems a bit exaggerated.
A crisis basically is described as a ‘tipping point’ between survival and disaster. Something that requires action in order to curb an imminent threat.
The only crisis I can see is a self-imposed one. The rejection of the value of and reliance on “fossil fuels” is speedily heading us toward a ‘cliff’. Western governments are cutting off reliable, plentiful, affordable energy while experimenting with terribly unreliable forms of ‘renewable energy’ (that aren’t perfected yet) at the expense of human lives and national security. They’re trying to shut off all the ‘lights’ before we can locate ‘the candles and matches’!
Who actually are those geniuses who found and defined the Climate Change Crisis? I hope it wasn’t the same ones who promoted the ‘shutdowns’ during the spread of the Covid-19 virus! That brand-new ‘brilliant’ approach to pandemics was devastatingly destructive.

The climate ‘scare’ is directly coming from a reliance on hand-picked “expert” predictions -experts who are wealthy and secure enough not to feel the consequences of their ‘guesses’- and often stand to get wealthier and more powerful. They aren’t using their own wealth either. They’re investing your future and prosperity.

Let’s look at predictions. They’re done by using computer models. Whoa! Computers are even smarter than ‘experts’, right?
Um… no they aren’t. They only use the information ‘fed’ to them by the ‘experts’. Have you ever seen the computer models projecting the path of a hurricane using moment to moment numbers? They look like a toddler’s first attempt at coloring!

{Check out the diversity of Climate Change models sometime. They too are “all over the map”.}

Only a grandma would think the above picture suitable for hanging on the frig. As an example of “fact”, it’s useless. But predicting the End of the World must be easier, right? LOL
Give me a break.

So, I want to leave you with some advice:

Never litter.
Always be conscious of not wasting energy. {I’ve heard that about 47 private jets transported ‘big shots’ to the last Climate Crisis Conference. Many of them own beach front property too.}
Never waste water. (Potable H2O is far scarcer than petroleum and natural gas.)
Recycle when you’re able.
And examine everything that’s proposed by “experts” or government thoroughly.

Nature is not fragile, nor does it operate at the pleasure of humans. The most recent example of Nature over Human Intervention is evident in the large number of otherwise healthy people harmed (and yet to find out they’ve been harmed) by an experimental medicine, who likely would have been okay if they had relied on their “natural” immune systems and using common sense.

The call to a Crisis should always make you question everything. If censorship over any discussions or questioning of the “crisis” are revealed, double-down on your research! There’s always something “rotten” going on somewhere when people are silenced and it’s up to YOU to find out what it is.

PS… “Fact checkers” are full of manure… trust your own brain.

Prompt of the Week- Pumpkin Spiced Vaccine

Write a story or poem that includes the word ‘Pumpkin Spiced’.

I didn’t join the “vaccine” craze
Or trusting talking heads most days.
The endless pitch and bogus claims
Were clearly meant for dollar gains.
The tales of helping more than harm
By putting ‘stuff’ in every arm,
Selling fear to such extent,
I wondered where the ‘thinkers’ went?
Brightly wrapped or magic cures
Are a salesman’s perfect lures.
Now ‘science’ needs a fresh new look,
It’s found a cool new chichi ‘hook’.
This clever push of ‘shots’ sounds nice,
“Get yours now, they’re pumpkin spiced!”


Taglines and Snake Oil Sales

"Stars and Stripes Forever" (sheet m...
“Stars and Stripes Forever” (sheet music) Page 1 of 5 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*The story I’m about to tell is true and did happen. A few of the “facts” and observations have been made up for comic relief only and have nothing to do with my overall point:
While standing in line at Stop & Shop yesterday, I was watching the lady ahead of me as she checked out. As she pulled out her checkbook, the young clerk asked her for one of those dollar charitable donations.
“Do you want to support our troops for a dollar?”
This was the best “tagline” I’d heard in quite some time. ( A “tagline” ,or sales pitch, is designed to get folks to donate money usually by representing an idea that is inhumane not to agree with it. An example would be, “Do you want to end childhood hunger?” Who doesn’t?)
The lady had started to shake her head “No”. Then, she looked at the girl and her head bobbed back and forth. The tag line was working. This poor woman came into the store for toilet paper* and black olives* and had been placed in a position (in front of others) of being UnAmerican! I suspected, also, that the bobbing of her head was from John Philips Sousa’s ~Stars and Stripes Forever ringing in her ears.*
At least five long seconds passed before she answered, “Why not?”
The clerk thanked her and handed her a sheet of paper. It was a complimentary store coupon given to those who “buy in”. It had some other writing on it that may have described the cause but I couldn’t read it from where I stood. The lady readjusted her check total and left.

I was next. While my few items were being processed, my mind was on the trustworthiness of charities (That you know very little about.) and their standing, just above politicians from Chicago.
The clerk asked me, “Would you support our troops for a dollar?”
“Sorry, I DO support our troops but I make it a practice not to donate to any cause when I don’t know how it is run and how efficiently my hard earned money will be used. I am in a hurry and suspect you cannot offer me that paper with more information unless I donate, anyway.”
(BTW-Second best way to separate people from their money, is to rush them.)
As the girl handed me my change, she whispered without moving her lips, “I don’t blame you one bit.”

That young clerk’s comment re-enforced my faith that our kids’ futures are in good hands…their own.

As I stepped out of the store, into a gorgeous Autumn day, I thought, “Affordable Healthcare Act, now there’s a great tagline.”


Footnote~  Ha! After thinking more about this, I realized if I were on the store manager’s payroll, I would be exempt from this whole process. Gotta love when examples keep on giving!

Working for Nothing in Massachusetts

English: Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
English: Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people, getting public assistance, need it.

Many people, who are working, are barely able to maintain a comfortable existence.

The cost of food is rising faster than most wages.

Income and property taxes are paid by people who are working and those who have property.

Some people, who receive a kind of public assistance, have property.

Taxes are the primary revenue that supports the cost of public assistance.

Do all those statements appear to be fair and true?

Accepting them as true, what happens when our national debt requires the Federal Government to raise taxes and (hopefully) spend less? Our Federal government is capable of raising taxes directly, and indirectly. Directly, is what you have noticed in your most recent pay checks. Indirectly, happens when State and City governments get fewer Federal grants as the spending is cut back. The cities have become accustomed to receiving those grants to the point of relying upon them. State and City/Town budgets suddenly find themselves over, an emptying, barrel from their dependence upon grants. (Makes me wonder about the intelligence of those who create State and city budgets.)

So? There is a scramble to get more money! Where will they get it? Ah ha! “Let’s get Mikey! He owns property.”

Up go the property taxes and property owners are going to be digging deeper. Sucks to own things sometimes! The property owner, not only, has the burden of increased food costs, smaller paychecks, and higher bills for their property… they are getting out of bed and going to work for those burdens, most of which, would go away if they didn’t bother.

Then, the State realizes food is costing more. The decision is made to increase the amount allotted for food stamps.

Uh oh, State taxes and fees are going to go up for food stamp support!

Well, at least sales tax helps create revenue and is paid by every consumer. Sales taxes are the fairest way to get money from everyone because the cross hairs aren’t on any one sector or what you have saved.

Hello! Thought you might want to know that there is a rumor, the State of Massachusetts is considering lowering the state sales tax. What the heck?

I ask you to consider who will pay for the loss of sales tax revenue?

My title makes all kind of sense, now, doesn’t it?


Too much running makes you tired.

Too much sugar gets you wired.

Too much sleep may make you lazy.

Too much sun your eyesight’s hazy.

Too much plant food, there’s no fruit.

Too much spending, out of loot.

Too much TV ‘s not the way,

To spend a happy, healthy day.

Too many think that more is less.

Love’s the only good excess.

 Balance things and you have won.

 Life is best not overdone.

A Hobo’s Tale

Frank Lee Scarlette was a Frenchman.

He traveled a hobo’s trail.

Never got the good breaks.

Seemed to always fail.

Could not get his hopes up

Now this Cajun’s  old.

He finally just stop carin’

His hobo’s heart went cold.

One day he won the lotto

Played one buck he’d found.

Collected up the winnings

And passed ’em all around.

Newspaper heard this story

Asked him, Why oh, why?

He had no need for money.

Seems he’s one unique guy.

“I give no damn for baubles.”

Was his only quote.

The title of the news story

Is all the paper wrote.

Frank Lee Scarlette,” I Don’t Give a Damn.”